Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Accidental meet of Aaliya-Yug

YHM Big decision time for Yug; Aaliya makes a new start

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Accidental meet twist. Yug wants to meet Shagun and apologize to her. His friends advice him otherwise. Yug tells them that Shagun treats him nicely. His friends find Shagun weird. They tell Yug that Shagun maybe not nice. Yug tells them that he wants to know about Aaliya from Shagun and he will not change his plans. Rohan and Karan look after Bhallas and Iyers. Rohan bonds with them nicely, while Karan is up to his pretentious act. Rohan finds Bala stressed about his tuition classes. Rohan helps Bala and tells him that he can share his work load by taking over some classes. Bala thanks him for the help. Karan goes to meet Sudha and have breakfast with her.

They realize that Rohan would be finding him. Karan tells Sudha about his plans, so that Rohan falls in their plans. He tells her that he will not reveal his big strategy to her right now. He wants to target the Bhallas again by his act of becoming self-reliant. Aaliya gets nervous about her work. She gains confidence from Ruhi and Ishita.

Yug wants his friends to come along with him. Yug tells them that he has to find about Aaliya some how and only Shagun can help him. He wants to test his fate and see once. They teach him how to talk to Shagun and know about Aaliya. Yug is excited to meet Aaliya.

Raman tells Ishita that he will drop her to Shagun’s house. She asks the reason for his help. He tells her that they won’t involve Rohan in their project. Aaliya’s clothes get spoiled. She rushes to change her dress.

Ruhi helps her in getting ready fresh. Rohan helps Aaliya and impresses her. Rohan’s charm works on Aaliya once again. Karan asks Rohan what was he doing. Rohan tells Karan that its normal for him to help his wife. Ishita and Aaliya get happy hearing Rohan’s positive take on his marriage. Rohan wishes Aaliya gets successful. Raman waits at Shagun’s place for Ishita. Aaliya comes across Yug accidentally when she bumps the car into his scooty. She apologizes to Yug.

Yug misses to see his ladylove. Karan tries to impress Ruhi and win her confidence again. Karan tells her that he knows her priorities and can drop her at the office. He pretends good towards her. Ruhi doesn’t want to believe him so soon. Yug’s scooty breaks down. His friends mock him. Yug tells them that he will go to meet Shagun any how. Raman plans a surprise for Ishita. He gets happy seeing Ishita reaching Shagun’s house.

Yug reaches the same place to know about Aaliya. Raman misses to see Yug there and returns home. Raman has a plan on his mind, unaware that there are problems cropping up for the family. On the other hand, Yug doesn’t get afraid and goes to approach Aaliya. He gets happy on seeing Aaliya at Shagun’s place. He stays confident and meets Shagun and Ishita. He tells Ishita that he is in love with Aaliya. Ishita slaps him in anger. Adi faints on seeing Yug.


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