Kulfi Kumar Sikandar’s ultimate choice shocks Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar's ultimate choice shocks Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar’s ultimate choice. Lovely puts Sikandar in big trouble. She has put Amyra’s life in danger just to build up pressure on Sikandar. She keeps the condition and asks him to choose between Amyra or Kulfi. She tells him that she will forgive him and accept him back in her life only if he promises to never have any relation with Kulfi. She has taken the extreme step by risking Amyra. Sikandar cries seeing Amyra’s life in big risk. The decision gets tough for him. He can’t live without Kulfi as well. He gets compelled by Lovely, who wants Kulfi out of their lives. She emotionally blackmails Sikandar and tells him that Amyra is fighting with death because of him. She asks him to see how he is failing as a father.

She knows Sikandar loves Amyra a lot, and tells him that she will never accept Kulfi. She wants to stop her divorce with Sikandar. She tells him that she will do everything for Amyra. She blames Sikandar and his family for putting Amyra in danger. She threatens of not sparing them. She asks Sikandar if he remembers it now that Amyra wants both of them.

She reprimands him and tells him that Amyra is not her daughter, she will never get Amyra to him. He begs her to let her meet Amyra. She asks him won’t he plan his remarriage now. He apologizes to Lovely and tells her that he will do anything she wants. Lovely poisons Amyra once again so that she can make it more pressurizing for Sikandar. She also decides to die if Sikandar doesn’t choose them. She feels guilty for putting Amyra in trouble, but stays firm on her plans. Lovely shows him Amyra’s critical state.

Sikandar asks the doctors what happened to Amyra. Doctor has no idea about the drugs given to Amyra. They don’t figure out what’s happening to her. Kulfi shatters seeing the situation. Sikandar tells Lovely that he won’t divorce her, he will live with Amyra. He plays guitar and sings a song for Amyra. He tries to connect with Amyra. He promises that he will never meet Kulfi. Lovely gets happy with her success of separating Sikandar and Kulfi.


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