Silsila Kunal Shocks Mauli with a baffling question

Silsila Kunal tag for Mishti gets upsetting

Silsila Kunal Shocks Mauli. Mauli tries to talk to Ishaan, but fails. She speaks to Pari to share her plans about helping Kunal regain his memory. She tells Pari that Kunal is fine and maybe they can help Kunal by reminding him about Nandini. Pari tells her that there are many things by which Kunal can remember the past. Mauli and Pari make a dinner plan and try to remind him his past life. Mauli asks Pari not to do anything that hurts Kunal mentally. Pari promises to remind him just the positive things. Mauli tells her that she will get Kunal with her for dinner. Kunal plans a surprise for Mauli. He wants to cook for her. Mauli tells him that they are going out for dinner tonight at Ishaan’s place. She tells him that kids want to meet him.

Kunal outright refuses to go for dinner. Mauli wants Kunal to remember everything without getting any strain. She thinks Kunal’s visit to his own house can help him a lot. Mauli is forced to cancel her plans because of Kunal. He expresses his annoyance and dislike towards Ishaan, feeling Ishaan is in love with Mauli.

He asks her why did she make the plan without asking him. Ishaan and kids prepare to meet Mauli and Kunal, and work out the plan. Mauli asks Kunal why is he refusing for dinner. She insists him to come for dinner. He doesn’t want her to meet Ishaan.

He questions Mauli whether Ishaan is in love with her. She gets a big shock with his concern. Kunal is angered on Ishaan’s attraction towards Mauli. Mauli asks him not to doubt on Ishaan’s attention.

Kunal tells her that he will slap Ishaan the next time he stares at her. Kunal tells her that they will never meet Ishaan. Pari and Mishti are positive that they will be meeting Kunal and getting his memories back. Pari wants her old buddy back. Mauli calls up Ishaan and cancels the dinner plans. Pari feels bad knowing her plan got cancelled. Mauli tells Ishaan about Kunal’s hatred for him.

Pari cries and wants to meet Kunal. She asks Ishaan to take her to Kunal’s house. Ishaan pacifies the sobbing girl. Ishaan tells them that they will go for dinner. He cheers up the kids. He tells Pari that she will get Kunal soon, and Mishti will get Mauli. He ask them to be positive. Kunal gets ready to take Mauli out for a dinner. Mauli doesn’t want to go out with him. Kunal asks her what problem does she have with him. Mauli agrees to go with him. Ishaan gets kids with him to the restaurant and parties to keep them happy.

They get delighted to see Kunal and Mauli at the same place. Pari wants to execute her plans. Pari feels lucky to find her father Kunal and runs to meet him. Pari and Mishti’s surprise doesn’t charm Kunal. He gets upset seeing Ishaan again. He wished to spend time with Mauli alone. He doesn’t know why Ishaan is following them. He suspects Ishaan and tells Mauli that they shall leave. Kunal gets into a fight with Ishaan, on seeing his concern for Mauli. Mauli gets stressed seeing them.



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