TR’s Quick Reads YHM Ishq Mein Marjawa

YHM Ishq Mein Marjawa

YHM Ishq Mein Marjawa and more. Internet Wala Love: Rupa throws a party at home to celebrate Jai and Aadhya’s union. She wants to get them married. Everyone sings and dances in the party. Rupa gifts a necklace to Aadhya and shows her acceptance. She hugs Aadhya. Jai is happy seeing their bonding. Jai wants Aadhya to choose his engagement ring. Rupa finds him mad in love. She supports Jai only for the sake of his happiness. Rupa wants to keep the marriage grand so that she keeps their prestige in the society. Rupa gets impressed by Radhika. She wanted Jai to marry a girl like Radhika.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi has learnt the truth of Deep and Raj. She decides to kill Raj in order to save Deep. She gets emotional while talking to Deep. She wishes Deep gets free of troubles. She wants to save her love. Deep also wants to save her from Raj’s madness. He knows her true concern for him. Vasundara fools Deep again by being positive in front of him. Aarohi meets Raj and refuses to give him the locket. Raj knows the secret code from the locket. He asks her not to act smart, she can’t trap him, the truth is she has got much trapped in his plans.

He stabs her feet and makes her fall down, so that she fails to run. She switches off the lights to hide from him. He attacks in darkness. Aarohi and Raj get into a fight. She wants to kill Raj, but gets attacked by him. Deep reaches there to rescue Aarohi.

Perfect Pati:

Rajshri learns that Pushkar had attempted to kill Vidhita. She tells Pushkar that she has got to know that Vidhita is alive and she is coming home. Pushkar gets a big shock. Vidhita expresses her happiness and tells Rajshri that she wants to meet her Bahu as well. Pushkar is restless to know who is coming as Vidhita. Rajshri asks Pushkar why isn’t he looking happy. Pushkar lies to her that he is thinking of Vidhita’s sufferings. He asks her what does she know about Vidhita. She tells him that Vidhita was in coma, and got help by a NGO, but now she has recovered and coming home. Pushkar can’t believe this. He acts happy in front of Rajshri. He wants to stop Vidhita from returning in his family.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Chintu feels bad that Rocky and his entire family are against Happy. He doesn’t want his family to torture Happy. He thinks if his family hates Happy so much and tortures her in his presence, then they may do anything with her in his absence. He wants Happy to stay happy like before. He takes a big decision and makes a will in Happy’s favors. Chintu gives his property share to his wife Happy, so that injustice doesn’t happen with him. Chintu meets with an accident. Chintu will be dying and Happy will be seen as a widow. Because of the property twist, Rocky will be marrying Happy to make her life hell.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ruhi and Karan, Aaliya and Rohan try to make plans to make Raman and Ishita closer on Valentine’s Day. They are upset seeing Raman and Ishita’s fight. Little do they know that Raman and Ishita fooled the family to celebrate Valentine’s Day secretly. Raman and Ishita’s secret date gets spoiled when the family spots them at the restaurant. They compliment Ishita for her modern and pretty look. They wish that Raman and Ishita’s romance goes on ever and ever. Ishita blushes and enjoys life like a teenager.


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