Nimrat is back in Sikandar’s life; Crucial Truth to surface

Nimrat is back in Sikandar's life; Crucial Truth to surface

Nimrat is back in Sikandar’s life. Lovely compels Sikandar to sign the papers and send Kulfi to the hostel. He gets helpless to sign the papers. Lovely rejoices on her victory. The papers get spoiled by the water spilling suddenly. She wonders how did this happen. Sikandar hides the sorrow from Mohendar. He doesn’t want to tell how Lovely is blackmailing him about Amyra. Mohendar knows that Lovely has kept some conditions for him again. She asks him if Lovely had asked him to make Kulfi out of the house. Sikandar sheds tears. He lies to his brother. Mohendar knows Sikandar is hiding the matter from him. Kulfi teaches video calling to Bebe.

She wants to talk to them after going away from them. She gets upset and hides her sorrow from the family. She feels pain and sheds tears in loneliness. Lovely wonders why Kulfi looks so happy. She thinks what is Kulfi up to now. She confronts Kulfi. Amyra tells Sikandar that she wants to come home where she gets both her parents.

Sikandar promises to stay with her. He tells her that he is waiting for her. Lovely reminds Kulfi her words. She asks Kulfi to just leave from their loves. Kulfi hides Lovely’s wickedness from Sikandar.

Sikandar asks Lovely to keep patience and give him time to send Kulfi away. Lovely doesn’t want to keep any patience. Nimrat’s soul enters the house to protect Kulfi from Lovely. The form flies away, which makes Lovely worried. Lovely senses someone around. Sikandar stops Lovely’s madness to save her. She tells him that he is doing everything for their sake.

She plays an emotional card again. She gets scared when she senses Nimrat around. Lovely’s peace breaks. She can’t believe that she has seen Nimrat. Kulfi gets signs from the dog. She gets some fragrance and misses her mum. She wonders how is the fragrance coming. She doesn’t see Nimrat. Nimrat wants to be with Kulfi and keep her promise.

She wants to punish Lovely for her sins. She doesn’t want Lovely to get away easily. She wants to take a stand for Kulfi. She decides to tell Sikandar that he is Kulfi’s father. She meets Sikandar to tell him about Kulfi. She wants him to see the truth and act accordingly. She tries to make him sense her around.

Sikandar dreams of Nimrat and wakes up. She wants him to realize that Kulfi is his blood. He doesn’t hear her shouting. Sikandar cries out his helplessness that he is sending Kulfi away from him. Kulfi dreams of Nimrat and cries that she has lost her mum and is losing her dad too. Nimrat doesn’t want Sikandar and Kulfi to get away. Kulfi thinks of Sikandar’s pain. Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to suffer. Kulfi decides to go to boarding school for the sake of Sikandar’s happiness. Nimrat doesn’t want her daughter to cry more. She promises to bring out the truth of their relation.


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