Yeh Rishta Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Twists and turns

Yeh Rishta Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Twists and turns

Yeh Rishta Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Twists. Kartik and Naira share a moment of apology for Krish’s lie. Kartik loses Naira because of the accident trauma. Naira loses her memories in a single instant when she senses danger by the speeding truck. Naira wants to know about her name and family. She doesn’t remember anything about herself. She heads to the police station to know about her. Kartik prays that everything stays fine in Naira’s life. Naira meets the corn vendor and realizes that he knows her. He asks her how come she has visited after many days and that too alone. He asks her where is Kartik, who used to accompany her always.

She asks him if he knows her name and about the guy who used to accompany her. The man refuses to know any personal details of them. Naira fails to recollect anything. Kartik finds her and rushes to stop her. Naira doesn’t recognize him and passes by as if he is a stranger. Kartik gets a huge shock when she refuses to identify him.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi packs her bags and is ready to leave from Sikandar’s life. His heart shatters seeing her going away. Sikandar sings a song for her. He curses himself. He is helpless because of Lovely’s evil conditions.

He doesn’t know what does he want in his life. He lives the moment and chooses Amyra. Lovely tells him that he can’t meet Amyra again, until he talks to Kulfi and drops her to the hostel. She asks him to prove his love for Amyra. She doesn’t want to fall in his promises. She tells him that he has to part ways with Kulfi if he really means it. Sikandar cries much. He feels guilty for Kulfi’s sorrow. He knows that even if Kulfi goes away, she will be of him. Sikandar gets Nimrat’s diary from Kulfi’s bag. He also gets Nimrat’s photo with Kulfi. He understands that Kulfi is Nimrat and his daughter. He gets moved with this shocking truth.

Sikandar knows that Amyra won’t get fine until he meets her. Amyra gets fine when Sikandar meets her and consoles her. Sikandar knows Amyra badly needs her. When Lovely doesn’t permit him to see his daughter, he breaks down. He hurts himself by walking on the hot coals. Nimrat comes to Sikandar’s house as a spirit. She will be staying around Sikandar and Kulfi to protect them. Lovely will be too scared of Nimrat now. Nimrat’s spirit will be supporting Kulfi and ruining Lovely’s plans.


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