Kulfi Kumar Nimrat scares Lovely and puts conditions forth

Kulfi Kumar Nimrat scares Lovely and puts conditions forth

Kulfi Kumar Nimrat scares Lovely. Kulfi tries to stay happy in Sikandar’s happiness. Nimrat gets to hear about Kulfi’s sorrow and connects with her. She feels sorry for Kulfi and thinks she is herself responsible for this. She wants Sikandar to learn the truth. Lovely tells Sikandar that she is taking Amyra to her house. She asks Sikandar to set everything to welcome Amyra. Sikandar tells Amyra that very soon he will come to take her home. Kulfi talks to Biji to know about boarding school. She hides her sorrow and wants to get away from the family. She plans to eases out things for Sikandar. Nimrat gets to see Sikandar’s hearty connection with Kulfi. She influences him to think of his affection for Kulfi.

He fills the form for Kulfi’s admission in the boarding school. Nimrat ruins the filled papers once again by using her powers. She wants Sikandar to realize his relation with Kulfi. Nimrat wishes Sikandar to just see his name written with Kulfi. Kulfi studies and tells Sikandar that she wants to go to a boarding school. He gets surprised with her sudden wish. He understands and regrets that she is making a sacrifice for him once again. Lovely comes across the form and gets a shocker because of Nimrat.

Kulfi smiles and hides her pain. Nimrat wants Sikandar not to come in Kulfi’s words. Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to worry. She is ready to sacrifice her happiness. Nimrat doesn’t want Kulfi to face more problems. Lovely wants to know who is doing all this. She senses Nimrat in front of her. She gets scared with the thought that Nimrat’s spirit is chasing her. Nimrat locks up Lovely until Kulfi and Sikandar finish their emotional talk. Sikandar cries with the thought that Kulfi will get away from him forever. Lovely sights Nimrat’s spirit and gets panicking.

Nimrat reminds Lovely that she is the same woman whom Lovely had killed in an accident. Nimrat is happy that Lovely can sense her, since Lovely has done injustice with her. She scolds Lovely for snatching Kulfi’s rights. She wants Lovely to pay for her crimes. Nimrat promises her that Kulfi will get Sikandar’s name and love. She commands Lovely to tell the truth to Sikandar right away. Kulfi tells Sikandar that she is willing to go to the boarding school herself. Sikandar tells her that he will be finding it hard to live without her. They both don’t want to live away from each other, but are helpless. Sikandar will be learning Kulfi’s truth soon and stop her from leaving.



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