Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai goes literal for Kartik Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai goes literal. Kartik and Goenkas get the shocking news that Naira is hospitalized. They want to know the reason for this. They wonder if Naira is fine or not. Kartik tells Manish that he can’t wait. He runs out of the house. Manish calms down Kartik and takes him to the hospital. Kartik and Naira got divorced before because of misunderstandings, and then they lost their child. Another tragedy strikes them when Naira loses her memory. This shocking thing turns into reality for Kartik. Naksh asks doctor to treat Naira. He tells Dr. Vishal that Naira was fine and fainted down while talking, she has lost her memory and isn’t identifying anyone. Doctor asks Naksh if she has received any shock. Naksh tells him about Naira’s baby loss and Kartik’s big lie which further put her in trauma.

Kartik asks for Naira and reaches the ICU to see her. Naira gets critical when she collapses by the mental pressure. Naira loses her memory and gets totally blank. Kartik thinks Naira is upset with him. Singhanias tried hard to remind the past to Naira. They have failed to help her. They get angry on Kartik for prompting Naira towards this phase. Naksh insults Kartik and tells him that he will bash him up if he forcibly tries to barge inside the ICU.

Naksh poses troubles for Kartik. The Singhanias don’t know what to do. Naksh asks Manish to control his son. He reveals to Goenkas about Naira’s memory loss, which is a result of Kartik’s big shock. He holds Kartik responsible for traumatizing Naira. He tells Kartik that he has done injustice not just with Naira, but with everyone who loves, since they all are out of her memories and heart now. Naksh cries out that his sister isn’t identifying him. Kartik receives a big bolt of sorrow with the shocking news.

Kartik is also in trauma knowing about her memory loss. He tells the family that Naira doesn’t remember him or them. Naksh gets frustrated on him. He vents anger on Kartik. He asks Kartik why did he put Naira in so much pain so that she couldn’t tolerate. Kartik apologizes to Naksh and everyone. Everyone stops Naksh and Kartik’s fight in the hospital. Kartik wants to meet Naira once. He pleads to Naksh to let him see her once and try to remind her everything.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. The families get hopeful that Kartik’s love will remind Naira about her life. They request Naksh not to interfere between Kartik and Naira’s matter. Naksh doesn’t budge and tells them that Kartik is their culprit, who wouldn’t get forgiven this time. He feels they all have lost Naira forever, just because of Kartik. Kartik gives another test of love by climbing the pole to reach the window of ICU. He wants to get one glimpse of Naira. Kartik feels miserable with this truth that he has lost his love Naira.

He dreams of getting her back. He wishes to remind their love bond to her. This memory lapse happens because of her vulnerable state post Krish’s truth surface and the accident. Kartik wants to get Naira treated for the blood clot in brain. He strongly believes that his love will eventually win against fate. How will Kartik handle the big accusations on him and fix up things for Naira? Keep reading.



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