Silsila Watch Out Moment for Mauli next

Silsila Watch Out Moment for Mauli next

Silsila Watch Out Moment. Mauli lies to Kunal about the shirt she got for Ishaan. He assumes the gift is for him and wears the shirt. Kunal thanks Mauli for the perfect gift. He tells her that he wants to spend the day with the kids, and that would make a perfect evening for them. Mauli and Kunal rush to meet the kids at the park, where Ishaan is already spending good time with the kids and missing Mauli. When Kunal and Mauli meet them, Ishaan realizes that his special gift is taken by Kunal already. He gets upset but understands Mauli, seeing her tensions. He relieves her from tension and tells her that he is okay with everything. Kunal asks Ishaan to leave, since he would drop the kids home after few hours.

Ishaan gets disheartened that he is away from Mauli even on his birthday. He realizes Kunal, Mauli and kids make a perfect family. He doesn’t want to intervene between them and leaves in tears. Kunal and Mauli play with the kids. The kids wish the family to stay the same. Kunal strikes a moment with Mauli. Mauli remembers Ishaan’s sorrowful face. She wants to make some excuse and go to Ishaan.

Meanwhile, Ishaan stays disturbed about Kunal. He feels the kids want Kunal and Mauli together. He wonders if he isn’t part of the kids’ life. Ishaan feels miserable for himself. Radhika comes as a relief for him and wishes him on his birthday. She finds him a really nice person and blesses him to always stay the same. Ishaan thanks her for all the love and respect. Radhika tells him that she will cook for him until Mauli returns with the kids. Radhika’s presence gets him distracted from Kunal’s matter.

Mauli wishes Kunal goes home alone. She tells him about the emergency at her clinic. She finds hard to convince him. She tells him that he shouldn’t take more stress by waiting for her at the clinic. Kunal agrees to head home. Ishaan plans the wonderful surprise for Mauli. His wait ends, when Mauli arrives with the kids. Mauli wishes him with lots of love.

Ishaan tells Mauli that Radhika has helped him with the arrangements. He is sad that Kunal snatches his fate all the time. He regrets that he lost Mauli’s gift and is afraid that he will lose Mauli as well. The kids tell him about the day spent with Kunal. Ishaan is happy to find them happy. Mauli reminisces Kunal in some way or the other, which drives Ishaan more upset. Meanwhile, Kunal gets a shocking call from clinic and learns that Mauli isn’t at the clinic. He wonders why did she lie. He gets suspicious about Mauli further. He wants to know where did she go and why. Ishaan finds some happiness with Mauli, which breaks down soon when he finds Mauli missing Kunal. Kunal grows suspicious that Mauli is in love with Ishaan.


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