Yeh Rishta Love Story Beginning for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Love Story Beginning for Kartik and Naira

Yeh Rishta Love Story Beginning. Naira gets discharged from the hospital. Doctor tells Singhanias and Goenkas that Naira has to undergo some tests after some time. He asks them not to have big hopes but just pray. He asks them to cooperate with them. Naksh decides to take Naira home. Manish tells Naksh that they also regret that Naira has lost her memory. He asks Naksh to take Naira home, but he shouldn’t oppose to them if they suggest anything for her good. Naksh clears out that he will not let Kartik meet Naira. Manish understands Naksh’s anger. He tells them that Kartik has already tried to do the best for Naira, but he failed. He tells Naksh that Kartik was afraid for this and cheated the family for Naira’s happiness.

He explains Naksh that Kartik isn’t responsible for Naira’s state. He curses the fate who has separated Kartik and Naira again. Manish tells Naksh that he is equally angry on Kartik and wants to punish him. He asks Naksh not to curse Kartik for everything. He is sure that Naksh will understand Kartik’s decision with time. Kartik doesn’t realize that Naksh is taking Naira home.

Naksh rushes home and removes Kartik’s photos and stuff from Naira’s room. He doesn’t want Naira to remember anything shocking, which can further push her in trauma. He doesn’t want Naira to get any sorrow. He feels sorry that Naira is bearing so much. He wishes that Naira doesn’t misunderstand him when she gets fine. Naksh brings Naira home. Naira gets a good welcome. Naksh tries to remind her about their family in a light way. He wishes Naira connects with their memories. He asks her to realize their strong bonds of love and harmony. Naira struggles to remember her past life and relations. The family asks her not to take stress and recollect things on her own pace. They don’t want Naira to get tensed. They take Naira’s permission to remind her the past.

Naira permits them and wants to get her memories back. She feels bad that she knows nothing. Naksh gives space to Naira so that she doesn’t feel compelled. Naira gets to see the house. She doesn’t recollect anything. She feels bad that she isn’t able to remember anyone. Kartik stays in Naira’s memories. He vents anger on the fate that snatched Naira’s happiness. Manish feels Kartik’s pain.

He lends his advice to Kartik. He asks Kartik to just work hard to achieve his love. Kartik feels guilty that Naira is in this state because of him. He tells Manish that he has done wrong with Naira. He wishes Naira gets her memory back and lives happily. He doesn’t want Naira to get punished for his mistake. Manish pacifies him when he blames himself for everything. He asks Kartik to test his fate and try to revive his love by starting fresh. He asks Kartik to stop regretting.

He tells Kartik the power of true love, which will always bind Naira and him. He shows his belief in their love. He asks Kartik to try hard and help Naira. He is sure that Kartik will succeed in connecting with Naira’s heart. He asks Kartik to help Naira and get her out of this mess. He knows Kartik and Naira are in much pain. He asks Kartik to forget his pain for a while and think of Naira’s pain. Kartik takes Manish’s advice and decides to meet Naira. Kartik and Naira’s love story re-begins.


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