YRKKH Unexpected move by Kartik turns Naksh furious

YRKKH Unexpected move by Kartik turns Naksh furious

YRKKH Unexpected move by Kartik. Naira connects with Krish on seeing him cry. She doesn’t know him well. She realizes Kirti isn’t around. She wants to pacify the baby. The family wishes Naira gets her memory back. Kartik barges inside Singhania house and makes an unstoppable move. He doesn’t want Naksh to come in his way and pose hurdles. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to pray for Kartik and Naira’s happiness. Naksh doesn’t care for Kartik’s happiness. He just wants Naira to stay happy. He feels Kartik has no rights to snatch Naira’s peace. Bhabhimaa asks him to let Naira decide, since its her right to wish the best for her life. She reminds him that just Naira can punish Kartik.

Kartik tries to meet Naira. He finds her taking care of Krish. He wishes to remind her the past. He feels he is responsible for her state. He can’t bear her hatred. He wishes she stays happy. Naira feels his presence and gets drawn to him, even when he silently walks out of the house. She wants to know who is he. She goes to meet him. He leaves until she comes. She fails to meet Kartik. Singhanias realize that Naira was going to meet Kartik.

Naira tells them that she met nobody upstairs. She wants to know if anyone came to meet her. She tells them that she felt as if she knows that person. This brings positive hope in them. They are sure that this feeling will revive Naira’s memories.

Naksh regrets that Naira doesn’t remember them, since their relations are more strong. He wants to be careful and not encourage Kartik. He wishes Kartik and Naira never unite. He is sure that Kartik’s memories will affect Naira badly. He feels Kartik has given more sorrow to Naira than happiness. Manish and Dadi realize that Kartik couldn’t meet Naira. They worry for Kartik.

They want Naira to come back in Kartik’s life. Kartik wants to stay alone for some time. He heads to the temple to pray for Naira. He can’t forget his love. He can’t stay separated from him. He gets motivated by a saint. He tells the saint how he had swapped the babies to give a mother to needy baby. He feels he is being punished for his one lie. He doesn’t want his wife to get punished for his mistake.

The saint advises him to repent for his actions. Naira gets drawn to think of Kartik. Saint asks Kartik to remember the strength of his true love and be determined until he attains his love. He asks Kartik not to lose and keep trying. Naksh and Kirti get happy to see Naira managing Krish. They plan to take Naira to her favorite places so that she remembers something. Saint tells Kartik that Naira’s heart will identify him if their love is true. Kartik gets blessed.


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