Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry of Kumar Sanu

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry of Kumar Sanu

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Surprising entry. Nimrat makes many attempts to get the truth out to Sikandar. He doesn’t get to know anything. Lovely tells Nimrat that she won’t let her win. Sikandar gets the diary once again when the pet dog gets it for him. Nimrat wishes that he checks the diary once. Before he could read it, Lovely snatches the diary from him once again. He doesn’t try to know about it. Lovely shouts on the dog and takes Sikandar with him. She compels Sikandar to throw out Kulfi from the house soon. She wants him to think of Amyra, who will recover only after meeting him. She clears to him that he has to send Kulfi away in a day’s time. Sikandar doesn’t know what to do. He feels trapped as if Lovely is snatching his soul. Lovely burns the diary and shouts to Nimrat that she is ruining everything to fail her.

She asks Nimrat to accept her defeat. Nimrat prays to find some way through which she can disclose the truth in front of Sikandar. Kulfi is sad knowing Sikandar will be sending him away. Sikandar learns about Kumar Sanu, who is at a nearby studio. Kulfi tells him that Nimrat used to love Sanu’s songs. Sikandar contacts Sanu to meet Kulfi, his biggest fan. Sanu doesn’t get time to meet them. Sikandar wants to fulfill Kulfi’s wish.

Nimrat wants Sanu to become a medium for uniting Kulfi and Sikandar. Sanu meets Sikandar at his house. He comes across Kulfi and gets happy. Sikandar can’t explain his relation with Kulfi. He tells him that Kulfi is like his daughter. Kulfi wishes that Sikandar knew the truth. Nimrat is sure that Sanu will reveal the big truth to Sikandar. Sikandar sings with Sanu and Kulfi. Nimrat sheds tears while wishing a good future for her daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi realize that they are going to part days and this is the last time they are singing together. Sanu compliments their pairing. Lovely wants Kulfi out of their lives forever. She plans the worse for Kulfi. Kumar Sanu will be revealing the truth to Sikandar soon.


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