Kartik Naira Upcoming Rocking Love Tale begins THIS way

Kartik Naira Upcoming Rocking Love Tale begins THIS way

Kartik Naira Upcoming Rocking Love Tale. Naksh is unhappy with Kartik. He wants Kartik to stay away from Naira. He feels its good if Kartik stays away from Naira. He is much disappointed by Kartik’s huge mistakes, which resulted in Naira’s memory loss. He holds Kartik responsible for all the problems. Kirti has forgiven Kartik, after seeing the sorrow Kartik is facing. Kirti was much upset with him before, but now she wishes Kartik and Naira stay happy. Naira doesn’t even remember her own family. Naksh regrets that they all are out of Naira’s memories. He doesn’t want anyone from family to support Kartik. He can go to any extent to protect Naira. Naksh takes a rash decision to keep Kartik away.

Kartik makes Naira busy in the dance program. Naira goes for the dance classes to prepare for the cultural fund raising event. Kartik meets Naira with a different identity. He takes the identity of Siddharth. Kartik and Naira get blindfold and dance together. They look perfect together. Kartik wants to win her heart by using her first love, dance. He gets a new hope to impress her. Naira dances when she hears her favorite song.

Naira wants to see his face by removing the blindfold. He is happy seeing her happiness and peaceful smile. Kartik wants Naira to realize her identity and talents. He applauds Naira for her wonderful dance. Kartik and Naira’s love story begins once again. Kartik aka Sid/Siddharth makes a place in her heart. She feels if she knows him since long time. She connects with Kartik, unaware of their love and marriage. He doesn’t let her fall down during the dance. They fall down together. Naira gets into a moment with him. Kartik tells her that he will always protect her. She wants to know her relation with him. She finally sees Kartik’s face, which she was longing to see. She goes lost in her memories on seeing him.

She asks him does she know him, since she feels strongly connected to him. He gets happy and hopeful on hearing her. She falls in love at first sight with him. She wants to meet him again. Kartik is on a mission to remind her the past and her valued relations. He doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of her memory loss. He wants to protect her all the while till she finds her real identity.


Shivaansh wants to turn bad in his family’s eyes. He becomes his own enemy and upsets them a lot. He gets his filmi world to his home. He gets the dancers home and throws a party. He dances with the girls. When asked about the party, Shivaansh tells them that its a part of the shoot. He asks his family not to come between the shoot. Nani tells him that she has organized a puja at home. He asks what’s the reason for keeping puja. He asks her to go to the temple and pray. He scolds Nani and doesn’t understand her. Nani asks him what has happened to him. He drinks wine in front of his family and tells them that he isn’t a kid anymore. He doesn’t want their permission.

He vents anger that he had to marry the housemaid to save the family respect and Nani’s life. He tells Nani that he wanted to marry Sonya, not Mannat. He asks Nani not to defend Mannat, she is no one to them. He gets insulting Mannat in anger. He tells them that he is much upset with his marriage. Nani is much attached to him. He thinks to break Nani’s heart, so that she forgets him soon after his death. Nani knows he is talking like this for some reason. She wants to know why is Shivaansh being so rude. He plans many dramas to break the family’s faith on him.



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