Yeh Un Dinon Wedding accomplished for Sameer-Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Wedding accomplished for Sameer-Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Wedding day arrives for Sameer and Naina finally. They arrive at the marriage venue and head to the stage. They get a glimpse of each other and want to compliment each other. Sameer rushes to hold Naina’s hand and get her on the stage. Naina turns shy. Sameer compliments Naina for her wonderful look. Naina covers up the shocking hairdo with the ghunghat, while Sameer covers up the mark on his forehead by a Pagdi. Sameer and Naina go for the Jaimala. Sameer’s friends lift him and don’t let Naina put the garlands on his neck. Munna asks Naina why is she hurrying to exchange garlands. He stops her and quickly lifts Sameer, giving her a tough task. Sameer asks his friends not to trouble Naina.

They get the fun moments raised. Anand and Rakesh lift Naina and make her put the garland over Sameer’s neck. After Sameer and Naina exchange Jaimala, the families congratulate them and applaud. Sameer and Naina’s friends dance happily. Vishaka and Bela come to take Sameer and Naina to the marriage mandap.

Sameer and Naina enjoy every bit of their marriage functions. Badhai ho Badhai moment for Naina and Sameer. The relatives bless the couple going-to-marry. The marriage of 90s era brings a lots of fun. Sameer is very happy that his dream is actually getting fulfilled, that too in the best way possible. Naina wins his heart like always. Sameer asks her why did she don ghunghat, he wanted her to keep the hair loose. Naina tells him that he has to wait for his surprise. She cheers him up. They look forward to take seven rounds of marriage, so that they can unite for seven births. Sameer and Naina finally get married by fulfilling the marriage customs. Keep reading for more on this show.


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