YRKKH Love at first sight for Naira next

YRKKH Love at first sight for Naira

YRKKH Love at first sight. Naira tells the family that she doesn’t remember to whom the mobile number she told belongs. Naksh instructs her not to meet any stranger, anyone can hurt her. He asks her not to trust anyone. He asks her to promise that she won’t meet any stranger. Everyone gets a good sign when Naira remembers few bits of Kartik’s memories. They wish that Naira remembers Kartik, and his true love helps her recover completely. They also know that Kartik was the one who has started this and now he will be thee one to end this. Naira enters the dance class and doesn’t find anything odd, as per her fears regarding the bad strangers. She connects with the people. She gets to see Kartik and wants to know who is he.

She gets interested to know about him. His presence turns her restless. They have a magical moment. She doesn’t identify Kartik when he comes in front of her. All their memories flash in Kartik’s mind. Naksh stays outside the dance hall for protecting her. He doesn’t see Kartik with Naira. Kartik introduces himself as Siddharth. Naira gets falling for him, like a teenager would do. She relives her old moments with Kartik.

He tries to impress her. She wants to connect with him. She gets keen to know about his dance background. He tells her that he is an occasional dancer, he dances sometimes when he gets a good dance partner.

Naira finds Kartik cute. Goenkas miss Kartik and Naira at home. Dadi wishes they unite soon. She wants her family to just have laughter and joy around. She wishes everything gets fine for them soon. She feels helpless that she isn’t able to help Kartk. She wants to find a good doctor for Naira. Dadi keeps her hopes high by her belief in Kartik. Dadi talks to Krish and gets happy for a while. She feels Naksh won’t be happy seeing her. Kirti understands the tensions that got created between the families because of Kartik’s mistake. She can’t help her family, and justifies Naksh’s anger.

Naira dances freely like before. Kartik gets reminded of Naira’s passion for dance once again. He wishes that she always stay happy. Naira gets applauded for her amazing talents. Naira doesn’t remember anything when the people ask her about the dance events she had been to.

She has no answers with her. She gets worried and runs away. Kartik goes to pacify her. He asks her not to run away if she doesn’t remember her past. She wants to know who is he and how he knows about her. She gets upset that he was overhearing her conversation. She tells him that she won’t understand how she feels, without being in her place. She expresses her sorrow to Kartik. Kartik knows her pain well. He is a complete stranger for her. He doesn’t embrace her. He just motivates her and asks her to forget her sorrow by her art. He asks her to make new memories and new world for herself by the dance art she loves the most. He lends her advice and encourages her to move on in life, irrespective of the past forgotten by her. Kartik and Naira come close during the dance classes.


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