Kulfi Kumar Lovely heartless move puts Kulfi in danger

Kulfi Kumar Lovely heartless move puts Kulfi in danger

Kulfi Kumar Lovely heartless move. Lovely shouts to Sikandar and asks him to attend Amyra, who suddenly fainted. She stops him from checking the diary further. Sikandar rushes to the doctor and learns that Amyra got another attack. Doctor asks Sikandar to keep Amyra happy as much as possible. Sikandar worries for Amyra. He wishes she always stay fine. Lovely plans to ruin the diary some how and seal the truth. Sikandar stays with Amyra, and asks her to get fine soon. He tells her that he will always be with her. Lovely wants Kulfi to leave soon. Nimrat wishes he learns the diary completely. Amyra asks Sikandar to stay with her and not go anywhere leaving her alone. He assures that he won’t go to anyone. He asks her to sleep for a while.

Nimrat pleads to Sikandar to read Kulfi’s name in the diary. Lovely wants to steal the diary from him. Kulfi worries for Amyra and Sikandar. Lovely uses Kulfi as a bait and asks her to talk to Sikandar, since she will be leaving tomorrow forever. Sikandar spends time with Kulfi. Lovely knows she can delay the truth from coming out, so that Kulfi goes away from Sikandar forever. She wants Kulfi to go somewhere far, so that Sikandar doesn’t get her back even if he learns the truth later.

Lovely asks her aide not to make any mistake this time. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she will be well taken care of. He wishes she stays happy. Nimrat knows that Kulfi and Sikandar won’t be happy without each other. Kulfi doesn’t reveal the truth to Sikandar. She asks him to take care of himself. Nimrat feels helpless when he doesn’t read the diary. Sikandar and Kulfi get emotional while they spend their last moments together. Lovely makes sure that Sikandar doesn’t know about Kulfi. Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to cry.

She tells him that she wants to see his smiling face. Sikandar hugs Kulfi and cries. He sends her while Nimrat begs him to read her diary. Lovely turns heartless to put Kulfi’s life in danger. She succeeds to separate Sikandar and Kulfi. She wants Kulfi to suffer. She wonders how will Kulfi face the bad time. Sikandar checks the diary and fails to see Kulfi’s name.


  1. End the show .dailywith hope watching the show it’s drags since months .kal dekhiye. Phir kal kal dekhiye. Baap beti ko milaawo kuch naya dikhawo.

  2. What a fantastic serial Kulfi Kumar bajewala. Even after so many episodes Sikander does not know that Kulfi is his own daughter. Mr. Khan wants to delay further to earn money for his serial from Star Plus channel. This serial has become very boring. Lovely truth has still not come out. Amyrah is not Sikander daughter. Showing scenes of harrasment to girl children and kidnapping them on national TV is wrong. Young children watch this serial with their parents. I don’t know whether this telly tales are fake news to viewers.

  3. This serial is giving wrong message to the children. We teach our kids सच्चाई की हमेशा जीत होती है, लेकिन इस सीरियल को देखकर ऐसा लगता है सच की कभी जीत हो ही नही
    सकती ।

  4. What a pathetic thing just for TRP they r showing bullshit own mother giving poision to daughter what kind of msg ur giving to society its shame
    Kids r seen bcaz its feature on little gal #Kulfi so hv some sense n dnt show non sense things n stop this shit at instance

  5. O.my god …such a hopeless show….lovely being vilan always win…. Hahah n we know humesha wo hi jeetegi….ab kulfi and amayra will grow…n soon n show goes…. don’t waste time…kulfi n sikander won’t get to know about their relationship…..its just time waste hota hai isse….


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