YHM Shocking moment for Bhallas with Yug’s declaration

YHM Shocking moment for Bhallas with Yug's declaration

YHM Shocking moment for Bhallas. Sudha recovers from her ailment. Rohan and Karan want to take her home. Raman and Ishita talk to Sudha about the post nuptial agreement to ensure Aaliya’s safety. They tell Sudha that based on their past experiences, they want to be careful and protect Aaliya. They don’t trust Sudha. Rohan tells them that he is ready to sign the agreement to ensure Aaliya’s safety. He promises that he will always protect Aaliya. He wants to start fresh with Sudha. Karan tells them that he is throwing a home coming party for Sudha and Aaliya as well. He tells them that Sudha will be liking to welcome Aaliya. He invites Bhallas. Rohan signs the agreement. Sudha doesn’t want to tolerate Rohan’s mistakes.

Karan tells her that he has a big plan, and they won’t need to tolerate Aaliya anymore. He hides his intentions behind keeping the party. Ranbir tries to free Yug by bailing him out. He asks Ruhi if he could get a loan from the company. Ruhi rejects his loan appeal. Vishal tells Ranbir that they will arrange bail amount some how. Aaliya and Ruhi get ready for the party. Ishita and Shagun ask Aaliya not to have any doubts in her mind.

They ask Aaliya to be strong and confident. Raman gifts a saree to Ishita. The family prepares to meet Rohan and Karan at the party. Sudha wants Karan to keep Bhallas a mile away. He assures her that his game will result in an unexpected positive way for them. Rohan welcomes Aaliya and his in-laws. Sudha wants to throw out Aaliya. Rohan pampers Aaliya and treats her nicely. Raman and Ishita get convinced seeing Rohan’s love for Aaliya. Rohan and Aaliya perform dance to celebrate love and togetherness.

The family members join them too. Karan wants to bring Yug in the party so that everyone gets a huge shock. Karan tolerates the Bhallas and pretends to be sweet. He asks Sudha to continue the drama. Sudha is worried that she would have to welcome Aaliya in her house as her Bahu. Karan tells her that this won’t be happening, after his plan works out. He tells Sudha that Rohan will be leaving Aaliya, or Aaliya will be leaving Rohan, they both won’t be uniting once his special guest arrives.

Raman and Ishita are happy that Aaliya is settling in her life. Raman misses Adi. Ishita asks Raman to control his emotions, else Aaliya will feel bad. She wants Raman just to think of Aaliya. Sudha asks Karan what is his plan, everything looks ruined to her. Karan tells her that she will be getting a surprise soon. He asks her to have patience.

Ishita asks Sudha to remember the consequences and not dare to trouble Aaliya. Rohan and Aaliya exchange love vows, while Karan plans Yug’s entry in the party. Aaliya and entire Bhalla family get a huge shock on seeing Yug. Yug declares his love for Aaliya. Karan tells Sudha that this was the surprise he was talking about. Sudha gets happy to get rid of Aaliya for once and all. Aaliya believes Adi has returned to her, and gets away from Rohan. How will Rohan react on meeting Yug? Keep reading.


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