Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Rocky to counter Bhatia’s evil

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Rocky to counter Bhatia's evil

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Rocky comes in Bhatia’s words. He wants to fulfill Chintu’s hotel dreams. He gets brainwashed by Bhatia and promises to sell the land to him, so that he can get money to support his family. He tells Bappi that he will support the family and become responsible like Chintu. Rocky becomes positive. He doesn’t want to cheat his family. He tells Bhatia that though he has taken Kulwant’s sign on the property papers, he will not sell the land until Kulwant gives his nod. He tells him that something is stopping his heart from going ahead with this property deal. He tells Sania and Bhatia that he will earn money the right way and then fulfill Chintu’s dream. He takes the papers from Bhatia.

He recalls Happy’s words and gets inspired by her. Bhatia reminds Rocky the promise he has made before. He asks Rocky why is he going against his promise. Rocky doesn’t listen to Bhatia. He apologizes to Bhatia. He is confused whether he is doing right or not.

Rocky arrives home and reveals to family how he wants to become responsible like Chintu and handle everything. He wants to become a good son. He sees many problems in the family and wants to tackle the problems one by one. Bhatia holds old revenge fire in his heart for Kulwant. He recalls the days when Kulwant has got him punished and sent him to jail for a crime. Bhatia wants Kulwant to come on the roads while he sends Rocky to jail for the fraud. Rocky gets saved from Bhatia’s evil plans by calling off the deal, but little does he know that Bhatia has bigger plans to ruin his family. Bhatia takes the extreme step and sends his goons to burn Khosla mansion. How will Rocky protect his family from evil Bhatia? Keep reading.



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