Yeh Rishta New guy enters Naira’s life; Love triangle begins

Yeh Rishta New guy enters Naira's life; Love triangle begins

Yeh Rishta New guy enters Naira’s life. Kartik has won Naira’s heart by meeting her at the dance academy as Siddharth. He has made a place in her heart and mind, by leaving a good first impressed. For Naira, Kartik is just Siddharth, a stranger who has soon become her good friend. She falls in love with him with his cute looks and sensible encouraging talks. She enjoys his company. She tells Kartik that she would like to meet him often. Kartik gets on cloud nine and then thinks to take things easy. He doesn’t want to rush so that Naira doesn’t doubts on him. Kartik tells her that he isn’t coming for a day. This turns her restless and gets his address from the academy to meet him. Kartik has no idea that she is approaching him at his home.

He thinks of not calling her and keeping her curious for more time. Naira gets some flashes of Kartik and her past when she visits Goenka house. She doesn’t remember Kartik or the Goenkas. She just remembers her love for dance. Kartik is sure that he will make her remember their strong love. He has become her dance partner, just to remind her that they are life partners. The less chances of Naira’s memory regaining stays all the while and kills Kartik’s happiness. He is sure that Naira will fall in love with him once again, even if he changes his identity, since he will be the same person whom she loved before.

Naira meets a new guy at the academy, who falls in love with her and learns that she is single. He befriends Naira, while Kartik grows jealous. Kartik finds the need to rush and remind the past to Naira, so that she doesn’t choose any new guy over him. Whom will Naira’s heart choose? Keep reading.

Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Veer get attacked in the jungle by goons. When they get rescued by police, they return home. Shukla’s envious neighbors find Veer and Krishna romancing. They create a scene and spread the rumoes of Krishna’s affair with her boss. Bela insults Krishna in front of the family after showing the cheap posters spread in the locality. Shuklain scolds Krishna and asks her to leave from her house. The neighbors take the extreme step of blackening Krishna’s face and humiliating her.

Shuklain fails to save Krishna. Lali takes a stand for Krishna. The ladies scold Krishna for her affair. Krishna defends herself. The ladies want to teach her a lesson. Veer comes to save Krishna from the bad humiliation. He saves Krishna in nick of the time. He doesn’t want anyone to give a character certificate to Krishna. He beats the men who insult Krishna. He threatens the people against hurting Krishna. Krishna sheds tears, while Veer encourages her to stay strong.


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