Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking drama with Adi’s return

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking drama with Adi's return

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking drama. Sudha isn’t aware of Karan’s plans to bring Adi’s lookalike Yug in the party. Ishita suspects Sudha for planning something wrong and warns her against hurting Aaliya. Sudha assures her that she isn’t upto anything. Rohan proposes Yug in front of everyone and makes some lovely vows to her. He professes his love for Aaliya. He tells her that he will love her so much that she won’t miss Bhallas in her life. He asks Aaliya for giving him a chance once again. Yug makes an entry in the family, just when Aaliya accepts Rohan’s love proposal. Rohan and Aaliya want to start their life fresh. Yug comes there in drunken state and shouts to Aaliya. He gets hurt while expressing his love for Aaliya.

Raman checks on him to know who has dared to do this. The family gets moved seeing Adi’s lookalike Yug. They can’t believe their eyes on seeing their Aditya back. Aaliya can’t stop herself from running to him. She worries for his wounds and asks him to open his eyes. She asks Yug to talk to her once. She tells them that her Adi has returned to her. She gets swept away with the emotions.

Ishita wants to tell everyone that Yug isn’t Adi. Shagun stops Ishita from revealing it right now. She asks her to look at their emotional states. She doesn’t think Ishita should reveal anything to them, which will make her lose their belief. She asks Ishita not to tell them that they both knew this truth already. Raman and Aaliya get worried for Yug and call a doctor to get him treated. Bhallas and Iyers forget that they have done Adi’s cremation. They just believe their eyes and want to heal his wounds first. They are happy that Adi is back to them. Karan rejoices on his victory, seeing Aaliya leaving Rohan behind and running to Yug. Sudha finds Karan’s plan really good.

Rohan tells them that Aaliya needs him. Karan asks Sudha to hold her anger to use at right time. He asks her to enjoy the drama and do some acting to support Bhallas. Yug gets happy seeing Aaliya worrying for him. He wants to get Aaliya’s love. Rohan gets shaking seeing the situation where Aaliya is bonding with Adi. Yug tries to become Adi so that he gets Aaliya’s love. Ishita gets angered with his big lie.

Yug tells them that he wants to come home. Raman gets too emotional and tells him that he will take his son home. He doesn’t listen to Ishita. He takes Yug home. Rohan wants to support Aaliya in taking care of Yug. Ishita tells Raman that they have done Adi’s final rites, Adi has left them, and Yug isn’t their son Adi. She tells Raman about Yug, who had saved her life and kept her captive. She tells Raman that Yug is a nice guy, who is in love with Aaliya, but he isn’t Adi. She tells Raman that she didn’t reveal this truth before, knowing they will react in such a way. Raman tells her that fate is giving them another chance. She asks him not to hope anything wrong from Yug.

She scolds Yug for playing with her family’s feelings. Yug lies to them and tells them that he is heartbroken when they aren’t trusting him. Aaliya takes his side and asks them to trust him. Rohan believes Ishita and asks Aaliya to understand. Yug gets a place in Aaliya’s life. Shagun and Ishita get angry seeing Yug’s drama. Shagun asks Ishita to find out who is backing up Yug. Sudha and Karan don’t want to come under suspicion. Karan is sure that Yug will get Aaliya out of Rohan’s life. Ishita fails to explain anything to Aaliya.


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