Yeh Rishta Naksh suspicious of Naira’s new friend

Yeh Rishta Naksh suspicious of Naira's new friend

Yeh Rishta Naksh suspicious. Naira misses Kartik a lot. She spends time with Krish. Naksh wants Krish to be with Naira. Kirti gets insecure and tells Naksh that she will manage Krish. Naksh asks her to let Krish stay with his Bua, who took care of him like a mother. Naksh checks Naira’s phone and wants to know who is her new friend. He gets suspicious. He doesn’t get info about the contact number. He doesn’t see Kartik’s number. He leaves her phone. Kartik and Naira get happy to think of each other. Naira fixes a meet with Kartik. She gets ready to please him. Kartik makes prasad and prays for Naira. Dadi feels Kartik won’t get happiness since he won’t be able to meet Naira. Kartik stays confused. Kartik doesn’t want to hurt Naira.

He thinks of not meeting her for some time and go to office to handle work. The family asks him about his new mobile number. Kartik tells them that he has changed his number for a purpose. Naira reaches the academy and waits for Kartik. She gets compliments from everyone. She longs to meet Sid. Kartik doesn’t meet her. She gets upset while she watches everyone enjoying in the party.

She calls up Kartik once again, but he doesn’t answer. Kartik stays distracted in work. She gets restless to see him. He also wants to know if she is waiting for him anxiously. Kirti and Naksh plan an outing. Kirti asks Devyaani to manage Krish. Devyaani asks her to enjoy her day. Naksh tells them that he will pick Naira once her class gets over. He stays worried for Naira. Kirti’s happiness gets down when all his attention goes on Naira. Naira collects Kartik’s address and thinks of meeting him at his house when he doesn’t turn up.

She wonders why is she so irritated by his absence. Dadi wishes Kartik attains his happiness. She makes a prayer for her grandson. Naira reaches Goenka villa and finds it really beautiful. Kartik senses Naira for a moment. Naira thinks her wait will end soon when she meets Sid. Kartik learns that Naira has left from the dance class.


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