Kulfi faces tormenting times; Sikandar reveals a shocker

Kulfi faces tormenting times; Sikandar reveals a shocker

Kulfi faces tormenting times. Lovely gets cornered by Sikandar. He threatens to get her arrested if she doesn’t reveal the truth. He wants to know where is his daughter, where did Lovely send her. Lovely has no other way than using his weakness Amyra once again. She harms Amyra to control Sikandar. She gets totally mad and doesn’t think of Amyra’s health. On the other hand, Kulfi gets a new identity of a criminal in the juvenile home. Kulfi learns that she isn’t at any school, but a remand home. She gets tensed when she is given prisoner’s clothes. It gets more torturing for her to bear the punishment of strict rules of the warden. The warden scolds her for stealing the food. She tells Kulfi that she can’t tolerate any theft. She punishes Kulfi. Kulfi is trying to face the consequences of her bad fate. she is not given the food and stays locked in the dark room. She sheds tears and misses Sikandar.

Moreover, Sikandar gives the shocking news to Lovely. She gets shattered when Sikandar reveals to her about Amyra’s food poisoning, which has damaged her internal organs. He asks Lovely how can this happen, how can Amyra consume poison via food, when they take good care of her every time.

He asks Lovely not to be careless and check Amyra’s food ten times. He fears for Amyra’s life. Lovely can’t believe that Amyra has become weak internally. He tells her that he will find out how did Amyra get poisoned. Lovely gets panicking seeing Amyra’s critical state. She regrets for her actions. She thinks of her misdeeds. She apologizes to Amyra for putting her life in danger. Will Lovely repent for her mistake and rectify by getting Kulfi home? Keep reading.


Shivaansh and Mannat reach the Gurudwara. They are finding the mystery of Varun’s fake murder. Shivaansh has broken the prison. He wants to hide from the police. He finds Mannat a big support for him. They both make prayers for the safety of themselves and families. He thanks her for being good to him and showing faith in him. He apologizes to her for always blaming her and misunderstanding her. They have a moment of romance while he values her presence for the first time. He feels guilty for hurting her a lot. He is impressed with her.


  1. I don’t like Lovely’s character and the punishment that Kulfi has to endure. There are other ways to make story interesting. Will Lovely ever pay for her sins? What is the lesson here? Are you teaching people that it’s okay to poison, lie, mistreat and deceive innocent people?

  2. The constant crying is becoming annoying. Sikandar needs to change character and become strong and be as cunning as Lovely.. what an ironic name !

  3. We know you gd at crying n it suits you A?….but its high time lovely should pay for what she has done….n you should do something like her..!!!


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