Silsila Shocking Accident twist brings a storm

Silsila Shocking Accident twist brings a storm

Silsila Shocking Accident twist. Kunal gets memories of Nandini and shatters. Kunal’s state worries Mauli. Mauli and Ishaan don’t want Kunal to suffer more. Ishaan realizes Mauli’s tensions and wants to relieve her. Kunal wants to know his relation with Nandini. He doesn’t get all his memories back. He can’t tolerate the flashes. He wants to know why is Mauli cheating him. He wonders why is he remembering Nandini, when he can’t figure out their relation. Kunal continues to think about Nandini. Mauli runs to help him. He addresses her as Nandini and hurts her heart again. Mauli feels she has to put him in trouble to make him regain his memory. He tells her that he doesn’t want to think anything about Nandini.

She asks him who is Nandini. She urges him to recall Nandini. She pushes him further in a hope that he will regain his memory. His state gets worse. She feels guilty that she has pushed Kunal much and put him in big risk. Kunal leaves in the car alone in that shattering state. Kunal gets in danger when he gets close to meet an accident. Mauli and Ishaan rush to find Kunal. Ishaan consoles Mauli. He assures her that he will find Kunal.

Mauli doesn’t want Kunal to lose himself in the search of his memory. Ishaan informs Radhika that Kunal left in anger, but they are still finding him. He asks her not to have any worries, since he won’t let anything happen to Kunal.

Kunal recollects that Nandini had left him and sacrificed her love. He blames Mauli for this incident. His condition gets worse by anger and tension. Mauli wants to set everything fine in their lives by finding Kunal and revealing the truth. Kunal gets caught by the police for breaking traffic rules. He stays lost in Nandini’s memories. Mauli tries reaching him to explain him everything. She wanted him to recall everything on his own.

She feels scared to lose Kunal when she finds him in danger. Mauli risks her life to save Kunal. Mauli meets with an accident while she succeeds to save him. Kunal gets a huge shock witnessing the same. Mauli’s critical state breaks him down. Kunal rushes Mauli to the hospital. Ishaan has no idea about her state. He continues to find Kunal. How will Ishaan react when he learns about Mauli’s accident? Keep reading.


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