Colors’ Superhit Spoilers Shakti Sitara Roop

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Shakti Sitara Roop and more. Soumya and Harman win the custody of Soham. They spend good family time. They have a happy beginning while they depart from Singapore. They finally arrive in their home town. Soumya faces discrimination again. Soumya fights for another big task, that’s to get the rights of motherhood, being a kinner. Harman has accepted her as his wife. She questions the court over her rights. She has been tortured by the society all the while. She wants to know about her identity and existence, why doesn’t have any right to raise a child, when she has a motherly feeling in her heart, instead a womb to carry the child. She wants the court to give her the right of child upbringing. She reminds the society that kinners are humans too. Harman and Soumya want people to support them in raising Soham with all their rights.

Internet Wala Love: Rupa wants Aadhya to wear her expensive designer lahenga on her engagement. Jai tells Rupa that her lahenga isn’t fitting Aadhya. Rupa tells him that she has worn the lahenga in her own engagement and it still looks so pretty. Jai wants something more nice for Aadhya. Rupa gets angry on Jai. Rupa wants Aadhya to look of their standards. Aadhya doesn’t want Jai to upset Rupa. Jai and Aadhya have a romantic moment. They are happy to get engaged. Karan and Ragini’s truth will be revealed in the engagement function.

Vrinda and her sisters shock Sitara by arriving in the palace. Vrinda gives an open challenge to Sitara. She asks Sitara to protect Viraj if she can. She asks Sitara why did she not support her in her revenge motives. She tells Sitara that none can stop her now. Sitara faces Vrinda’s attacks and tries hard to save Viraj’s family. Vrinda gets angered seeing Sitara supporting her enemies. She is much hurt that her daughter didn’t understand her.

Samru kidnaps Ishika. He reveals her evil intentions to ruin Roop. Ishika wishes Roop comes to her rescue. Samru then reveals that the kidnapping was fake and he took away Ishika just to care for her. Ishika asks him about what all he told her before. Samru calls it a joke. She doubts on him. Samru frees her to win her trust, so that he can use Ishika against Roop. Roop catches Samru and bashes him up. Shamsher stops their fight. Samru denies all the blames.



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