Kulfi Kumar Sikandar clued; Lovely comes to task

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar clued; Lovely comes to task

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar clued. Kulfi wants to go home and gets saved from troubling Amma. She misses Sikandar. She wishes that he stays fine and happy. She promises to study hard and learn new things to make her life better. She wants Sikandar’s audio back from Amma. She wants to gain strength from Sikandar. Amma suspects that Kulfi has stolen the food. She scolds Kulfi for breaking the rules. The other students plan and steal the food. Kulfi stays innocent, but gets punished by Amma. She ends up cleaning the kitchen. Sikandar checks the CCTV footage to get a clue about the car in which Kulfi left for the boarding school. He gets clued of her whereabouts. He is sure to get Kulfi’s address from the taxi service. Amma reminds the rules to Kulfi.

Kulfi doesn’t know what’s happening. She obeys Amma and tells her that she will listen to her teacher. She is given the big task of cleaning the utensils. Rajan gets happy that Kulfi is sharing his work. Meanwhile, Sikandar promises to find Kulfi soon and keep her with him forever. He prays that she is fine always. He misses her badly.

Sikandar and Kulfi stay connected by their hearts. Sikandar sings a lullaby for Kulfi, hoping his voice is reaching her heart some how. He finds some happiness in her memory, oblivious that she is in much trouble. Kulfi falls asleep after much hardwork. Sikandar reaches the taxi service office to know about Kulfi. He reaches a dead end again when he learns that the driver has left the work.

Sikandar gets to know the area where Kulfi can be found. He wants to know about her. Kulfi gets scared of Amma. Sikandar checks Lovely’s phone and belongings to know about Kulfi. He tells her that now she can’t blackmail him about Amyra further. She continues to ask him to think of Amyra. He tells her that he is unstoppable now. Kulfi finds happiness some how in any situation. She does all the work alone to change Amma’s opinion about her.


  1. Let there be some kind of payback episodes for Lovely… evil actions should not be supported for so long… we need to see some positive moves for Sikanda and Kulfi. And no more crying scenes… please

  2. Now end this serial happily. Can’t see the kulfi and his father missing each other and cruelty of loveleenn to separate kulfi from her father.


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