Silsila Kunal makes hearty appeal to Mauli

Silsila Kunal tag for Mishti gets upsetting

Silsila Kunal makes hearty appeal. Kunal informs Radhika about Mauli’s accident. Radhika gets worried. Kunal tells her that he is taking Mauli to the hospital. Radhika informs the shocking news of Mauli’s accident to Ishaan. He gets a big shock and can’t believe this. He rushes to meet her. Kunal encourages Mauli to hold on. He promises to never fight with her. He asks her to get up and come back to him once. He wants her to fight back with the situation and get a life. He still gets haunted by Nandini’s memories. He meets his family and feels guilty for Mauli’s accident. He tells them how Mauli put her life in danger to save him. Ishaan worries for Mauli. Kunal tells Radhika that he won’t let anything happen to Mauli. He gets upset on seeing Ishaan.

He doesn’t think its the time to fight. He stays calm. They both wait for Maui’s recovery. Mauli gets the treatment on time. Kunal prays for Mauli’s life. Ishaan feels responsible for troubling Mauli by his one sided love. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her. He sheds tears for her and prays that Mauli gets fine, at least for the sake of his daughters. He doesn’t want Mauli to suffer.

Radhika and Dida also feel guilty that they have put Mauli in this dilemma of choosing Kunal or Ishaan. They didn’t know Mauli’s life will be in danger in this way. Doctor tells the family that Mauli isn’t responding to the treatment. Kunal gets raged on the doctors. He wants to meet Mauli and get her back to life. Doctor asks him to understand the critical state of Mauli and just pray for her. Kunal pleads Mauli to come back to him. Ishaan and everyone wishes Mauli to get fine. Kunal stays with Mauli. He gets Nandini’s memories flashing once again. He doesn’t understand what does the flashes mean. He gets confused over his past. He stops thinking about Nandini. She just wishes Mauli to get better.

Mauli doesn’t get consciousness. Kunal is sure that she will be fine, being a strong person. He asks her to wake up and talk to him. He ends his annoyance and asks Mauli to just forget their issues. He forgets that she has cheated him because of Ishaan. He gets glad when she gains consciousness. Ishaan and family get happy seeing Mauli fine.

Mauli asks for Mishti and Pari. Kunal doesn’t understand her relation with them. Doctor asks Kunal to take Mauli home. Kunal and Ishaan get into an argument when they both want to take Mauli along. Ishaan steps back knowing Mauli is taking stress. He truly loves Kunal and stays calm, while Kunal fights in front of Mauli, unconcerned that she has just got fine. Ishaan wants Mauli to decide for her life. He is ready to sacrifice his love. Kunal asks Mauli to start a new life with him. Mauli doesn’t want to leave their daughters behind. He begs her to stay with him in their marriage. Kunal requests Ishaan to convince Mauli. He gets troubled by Nandini’s memories once again. His stress continues to trouble Mauli. Ishaan frees Mauli from all the bonds and lets her have a happy future with Kunal.


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