Kulfi Kumar Sikandar suspects Lovely’s huge crime

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar suspects Lovely's huge crime

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar suspects Lovely again. Amma gets surprised when she finds the entire kitchen cleaned. She doesn’t see Kulfi and wonder who was singing. Sikandar yells at Lovely for her lies. He checks her stuff to get clues about Kulfi. He asks her not to use Amyra as a bait. He promises to bring Kulfi back. He tells her that he is taking Amyra for checkup and he will protect her. He wants both his daughters. Kulfi sees the kids and wonder what they are upto. They try to involve Kulfi in their plan by misleading her. The kids know Kulfi is hard working. Amma gets angry on stolen watches and wants to nab the thief. Kulfi talks to the kids to know who is doing this. They mislead her about a ghost troubling them.

Kulfi is tortured by Amma again, when she is ordered to finish much food. The kids see Kulfi staying unaffected by Amma’s tortures. Kulfi gets stomach ache, but doesn’t complain about the other kids. Amma scolds Kulfi. Kulfi apologizes to her. She doesn’t put anyone else in trouble. Kulfi sheds tears in pain. Poor girl bears it all for the sake of others’ happiness and security.

Lovely misses an important file and wonders if Sikandar got it. Kulfi by heart talks to Sikandar and tells him that she is in much pain. She doesn’t know why is she in a boarding school. The boy reveals that this isn’t a boarding school. She doesn’t know that its a remand home. She stays innocent like always.

Meanwhile, Sikandar receives a big shock when he takes Amyra for the check up. He learns that Amyra was poisoned via food and suffered a lot. Doctor tells him that Amyra’s health is deteriorating internally. Sikandar wonders who is behind this. He wants to find out. Kulfi gets fooled by the kids. She becomes targeted by Amma. Amma makes her the class monitor to keep an eye on all the kids. She asks Kulfi to stop the kids from doing the wrong things.

She tells Kulfi that the kids aren’t innocent, but she is really innocent. She wants Kulfi to fulfill the responsibility by befriending them. Kulfi wants to help them and obey Amma.

Sikandar rushes home and tell Lovely about Amyra’s weakening state. He asks Lovely how can this happen with Amyra when they handle her with care. Lovely receives a big shock. Amma feels Kulfi is trying to please her. She wants to use Kulfi as her spy to handle the tough kids. Sikandar stays strong to make Amyra recover. He wants to find Kulfi too. Lovely feels horrible on learning about Amyra’s serious condition. She wishes that nothing happens to Amyra. Amma wants to make things tough for Kulfi. Sikandar spies on Lovely to know if she is harming Amyra. He tries to keep Lovely away from Amyra. He doesn’t want Amyra to fall in bigger dance. Sikandar suspects Lovely and stops her from feeding anything to Amyra. He gets more cautious. Will Lovely change her ways for the sake of Amyra’s life? Keep reading.


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