Colors’ Mini Spoilers Internet Wala Love Sitara

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Internet Wala Love Sitara and more. Roop: Roop gets Jigna married to her lover. He helps Jigna get divorced from her torturing husband. Jigna moves ahead in her life with the man who respects her and promises a lifetime happiness. She gets married for the second time, which turns possible just because of Roop and Ishika. Jigna thanks her brother for always supporting her. Roop tells her that she has a right to start her life again. He knows that Jigna and Anil love each other a lot. Shamsher is against Jigna’s second marriage. He doesn’t attend the marriage and doesn’t bless Jigna.

Kamla wishes her all the best and asks her not to worry for Shamsher, he will soon understand her decision. Roop does Jigna’s Kanyadaan in Shamsher’s absence. The society heads arrive to stop the marriage, but Roop handles the matter well. He calls the media and keeps her new thinking in front of the world. The marriage completes successfully. Jigna is happy to start fresh. Roop takes revenge on Samru. He gets Samru arrested. Samru gets a lesson of his life. Roop wants to protect his family. He exposes Samru’s truth. He wishes Shamsher changes his thinking about him.

Internet Wala Love: Karan and Ragini threaten Vihaan and try to use him in their plan for stopping Jai and Aadhya’s engagement. Karan is planning to ruin Jai’s life to take revenge for his sister’s accident. Karan asks Vihaan to know the threat on his life. Vihaan gets helpless to obey him. He feels bad to cheat Jai by hiding Karan’s truth.

Sitara: Sitara wants to bring out the truth of Vishkanyas within three days. She asks Viraj to marry Nethra. She wants him to stay safe. Sitara learns about Guru ji coming home. She learns that Guru ji can tell everything about a person. She knows that he will identify that they are Vishkanyas and expose them. She doesn’t want Vrinda to put herself in trouble and just leave. Vrinda gets adamant to ruin the royal family. Sitara wishes that Guru ji’s arrival works in her favor. She takes help from Viraj after revealing the complete truth to him. She wants to expose Vishkanyas’ truth in Shivratri puja. Vrinda makes the game tough for Sitara.

Ghatbandhan: Raghu and Dhanak have an argument. Dhanak blames him for ruining Sejal’s life. He forcibly explains her that he did this for Sejal’s betterment. He consoles Dhanak. He asks her to trust him once and give him a chance to prove the truth. He tells her that he can never wish wrong for her and her family. He wishes Dhanak believes his word. Dhanak hates Raghu and his mum, and holds them responsible for whatever wrong happened with Sejal.


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