Silsila Mauli biggest decision raises suspense

Silsila Mauli love sacrifice moment recreated

Silsila Mauli biggest decision awaited. Ishaan doesn’t get his mind at peace, thinking of the big decision Mauli will be taking today. He has allowed Mauli to move on in her life with Kunal. He wishes Mauli stays happy with Kunal. Kunal tells Mauli that he has regained his memory and now he won’t compel her to live along. Dida begs Mauli to forgive Kunal once and have a new start with him for the sake of children and family. She asks Mauli to bring happiness in their family by taking a decision in their favor. Mauli doesn’t know if she should give another chance to Kunal knowing how their lovely relationship ended last time. Ishaan surprises them by getting the kids home.

Ishaan tells the kids that now they can live with their daughters. Kunal meets his daughter Pari and gets overjoyed. Ishaan doesn’t meet Mauli and goes away. He frees her from all their bonds. Dida tells Mauli that she has asked Ishaan to get the kids home so that their family unites. She doesn’t think of Ishaan’s sacrifice. She asks Mauli to accept Kunal and let the past come back for them, so that the old happiness gets restored.

Ishaan gets heartbroken. He sheds tears. He decides to return home. He informs his mum that Mauli will never be of him. He apologizes to Sandhya for not listening to her before. Sandhya tells him that she will always be waiting for her son to come back, but with a smile, by forgetting the painful past. Ishaan wishes Mauli and Mishti stay happy with Kunal. Moreover, Dida tries to unite Kunal and Mauli. She wants Mauli as Kunal’s wife once again so that their family completes. She dreams of a complete happy family. She tells Mauli that destiny has brought them together, and its time for them to unite forever. Ishaan gets in big dilemma. She doesn’t know what to do. She remembers Kunal’s cheat because of Nandini. She can’t forget it easily.

Dida asks her to accept Kunal in her life. She accepts that Ishaan is a noble man, but even he wants to see her happy. She asks Mauli to believe them, that her happiness lies in Kunal. Radhika feels bad for Ishaan. Kunal interrupts Dida and tells her not to compel Mauli, since he wants her to take the decision on her own.

He supports Mauli in her decision. He also expresses his wish that he would like a last chance from Mauli, but he doesn’t want her to sacrifice her happiness. He feels its wrong to expect too much from Mauli. He wants her to start her own life. He does not want to be greedy and selfish to ask for a relation with Mauli again. He tells Mauli that he doesn’t want to bound her again by making a favor on him. He asks her to follow her heart and just find her happiness.

Consequently, Radhika feels proud that Kunal isn’t selfish now and regained his values as well along with the memory. She tells Kunal that love can’t be selfish. Mauli’s dilemma gets intensified. Radhika asks Mauli not to do injustice with herself by coming in anyone’s words. Mauli decides to choose the man who can do anything for her happiness. Whom will Mauli choose remains a suspense. Keep reading.



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