Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Sikandar races against time

Kulfi Kumar Hotstar Snips Sikandar evil truth exposed

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Sikandar races against time for his daughter. The kids try to expose Amma’s truth in front of Kulfi. They tell Kulfi about the dangerous threat on them, how Amma tortures them. Kulfi gets scared and runs to talk to Amma. She tells Amma that she has learnt the truth that this is a juvenile home. She asks Amma to tell her why is she here. Amma tells Kulfi that she knows her truth already. Kulfi explains that she isn’t lying. She asks Amma to talk to Sikandar once. She begs Amma. She gets shell shocked seeing Amma’s evil face. Amma tells Kulfi that now she will never go out of the remand home. She reprimands Kulfi and sends her to the room. Meanwhile, Sikandar learns about the remand home around, and doesn’t think Kulfi will be there. He has no idea that his wife has sent Kulfi to a remand home.

Sikandar recalls the promise made to Kulfi that he will find her from any possible place. Kulfi tells the kids that she has tried to talk to Amma. The kids get scared of Amma’s anger and scold Kulfi. They don’t want to be friendly with Kulfi. Kulfi tries to help the kids and win their trust back. She wants to contact Sikandar once and tell him that she is here. Kulfi tries to lessen the kids’ sorrow.

Amma learns that Sikandar Singh Gill has come to make some charity. Amma tells Rajan that she will be coming to meet Sikandar. She gets angered by Kulfi’s mischief, when Kulfi attempts to help a kid. Amma gets angry on the guy and extends his punishment. Kulfi gets happy to know that the boy will not be going away from the remand home now. Amma punishes the boy and asks him to fulfill all her conditions if he wants to go away. Amma yells at the boy and learns that Kulfi is also involved in this. She realizes that Kulfi has done everything. Sikandar meets Amma, who comes very late. He gets restless to know if Kulfi is there. Amma tells Sikandar that she is trying to reform the kids by following her own principles. Sikandar tells her that he wanted to meet the kids.

Amma gets informed about Kulfi, and gets her away from Sikandar’s sight. Kulfi apologizes to the boy for troubling him before by failing his plans unknowingly. Sikandar meets the children and misses to meet Kulfi. Sikandar doesn’t know he should be happy or upset that he didn’t find Kulfi in the remand home.

He wanders through and longs to meet his daughter, whom he loves the most. Amma tells him that the children are away from home, so she gives them much love and attention as much as their parents. She keeps a good image in front of Sikandar. Sikandar gets a hint by Kulfi. Kulfi and the boy get punished. They are locked inside a dark room. Kulfi thinks of singing to get rid of the fears. Sikandar asks Amma about Kulfi’s note. Amma doesn’t bother to reveal him about Kulfi. Amma asks the kids not to stain the walls by writing any statement. Sikandar feels upset when he reaches no proper clue.

Amma misleads him. Sikandar’s heart tells him that Kulfiis around. When Kulfi sings in the dark room to eradicate her fears, Sikandar gets to hear it and gets convinced that she is around. Will Sikandar be able to find Kulfi? Keep reading.


  1. First of all u people are right that tevar should be back.. But it should be revealed to Amyra that her real father is tevar not sikander.. So she might also not further help her mother and knows her mother hided from her abount the identity of her real father


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