Silsila Season 2 Kunal JaiSingh Aneri Tejasswi take over

Silsila Season 2 Kunal JaiSingh Aneri Tejasswi take over

Silsila Season 2 Kunal JaiSingh Aneri Tejasswi. Mishti and Pari are seen as two pretty, caring and loving sisters. Pari does mischief, while Mishti happily accepts the punishment. They express their care and concern for each other. They live with Radhika. Radhika is happy that they are planning things by keeping Mauli in mind. They are happy to have a lovely family. Sukhmani arrives home and meets the children. Sukhmani is young at heart and bonds with the young generation well. Mishti is getting married, while Pari is planning her wedding. Radhika asks them to finish the event soon and not make any mistake in the club, else the owner will be upset. She tells them that Mishti’s in-laws are coming soon to meet her.

She asks Mishti to return home on time. Radhika deeply misses Mauli and wants to tell her that Mishti is getting engaged today. She wonders how tough it was for Mauli to decide on that day. The flashback scene brings Mauli’s biggest decision. Mauli stops Ishaan at the airport and asks him if he is fed up fighting for her complicated life. Ishaan clarifies that he didn’t wish her to fight with her dilemmas.

She tells them that if Kunal taught her to love, then Ishaan taught her to keep her love. She decides that she can’t do injustice with anyone of them. She is grateful to Kunal for leaving her and making her a strong person. She doesn’t have any regrets for her past and present. She decides her future. Mauli chooses Ishaan as her life partner. She loves Ishaan as his love is very selfless. Mauli tells Ishaan that for her, he means love. She realizes true love just because of Ishaan. Mauli doesn’t like to get back to Kunal. She confesses love to Ishaan and also proposes him for marriage. Mauli and Ishaan unite. Kunal congratulates Mauli for her decision and asks her to give him some rights on Mishti. Ishaan tells him that they are still together to raise the girls together.

He doesn’t want anyone to cut down their rights. After the beautiful past moment, the scene cuts back to the present, where Radhika and her grand children shed tears in memory of Kunal, Mauli, Ishaan and Dida, who are no more part of their lives.

Pari wishes that Mishti just stays happy with Veer. She doesn’t want anyone to come between Mishti and Veer. Pari knows both Nandini and Mauli were not wrong and still the situation has snatched all their love and respect for each other. She doesn’t want such testing time to come between Mishti and her. Pari pulls Mishti’s leg by speaking of Veer. Mishti is happy that she is marrying her love Veer. Pari is scared of commitment. She believes in relations, but not in love. Mishti tells Pari that even she fall in love with someone. While they joke about their prospective life partner, a guy is introduced. Kunal JaiSingh, Aneri Vajani and Tejasswi Prakash are the new leads to repeat Kunal, Mauli and Nandini’s Silsila.

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