High Five Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Kulfi Ghatbandhan

Yeh Un Dinon Kulfi Ghatbandhan

Yeh Un Dinon Kulfi Ghatbandhan and more: Naina is troubled in her in-laws. She is most taunted in her Mu dikhai ritual. Her smile vanishes. She turns upset. The ladies joke on her status. She is facing many troubles. Naina gets angry, but is helpless. She can’t answer the women. She wishes someone takes a stand for her and answers them. Naina then vents out anger on Mami. She tells Mami that she isn’t disturbing Sameer, he isn’t any prince that none can wake up from sleep. Mami tries to show that Naina has no rights on Sameer. Naina scolds Mami in her imagination. She thinks where is Sameer when she needs him.

She recalls his vows that he will always protect her. She wonders if Sameer has changed after marriage. Naina does the puja in Sameer’s house for the first time. Vishaka guides her for the rituals. Naina’s first day goes on tough. She prays that everything goes on fine. Naina can’t vent out what she is feeling. Naina feels she didn’t think her life will change so much after marriage. She feels miserable.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar reminisces the golden moments with Kulfi. Even she deeply misses him. They both recall their good times and try to follow their tips. They cherish the moments and want to keep their promises. Kulfi thinks she has to stay happy for bhis sake. He recalls the day when she asked him for a promise that he will always protect her and fight goons for her sake. He wants to keep his promise. Kulfi cries in his memory. Sikandar’s state is nothing different. He can’t wait to meet her.

Sikandar reaches the remand home, when inspector tells him about a new kid joining the remand home. Sikandar tells inspector that Kulfi hasn’t done any illegal thing, she can’t be at the juvenile home. Inspector asks him to decide it himself, if he wants to go there once and check it. Sikandar doesn’t doubt that Kulfi is there. He hears Kulfi singing and gets a huge shock. He runs to the remand home, knowing she is there. He tells inspector that Kulfi is inside. Inspector takes permission to check the remand home. Sikandar’s heart urges him to find Kulfi. Sikandar loves Kulfi a lot and can do anything for her.


Raghu and Dhanak have a moment when they meet for the puja. Raghu loves Dhanak a lot. Dhanak tells him that she will enter her home, but she has some conditions, he has to fulfill it. He tells her that he can give her life for her, but she should come with her. She finds Raghu a nice person and wants to reform him. She thinks he should turn honest and sincere if he wants a chance from her. Dhanak exposes Savitri for stealing the temple jewellery and cash. Raghu first scolds Dhanak and defends his mum. He asks her how can she doubt on anyone and insult in public. He then learns that Savitri has really stolen cash from temple. He fumes on his Aai. He asks her does they not have any business ethics, how can they rob in the temple. Savitri tells him that money means everything to them. Raghu feels sorry and apologizes to Dhanak.


Aghori Baba come in the puja. Vishkanyas get scared to come in front of him. Sitara isn’t scared as she has good intentions. She still doesn’t want her family to get caught. Vrinda plans to kill Aghori. Sitara learns that the milk is poisoned and consumes it. Aghori understands that Sitara is a Vishkanya and had drunk the poisoned milk to save his life. He knows all her truth and gets impressed. He blesses Sitara and keeps her secret safe.


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