Kasautii Prerna coerced into Anurag’s world WHY

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Kasautii Prerna coerced to step in Anurag’s family. Doctor conceals Prerna’s pregnancy from Anurag, knowing his conflict with his family. Anurag shocks Mohini by telling her that Prerna is his firstmost responsibility. Shivani lies to Veena about Prerna, so that Veena doesn’t get in trouble. Veena follows Shivani, sensing she is lying. Mohini asks Anurag how can he refuse to her. Anurag asks her to understand that Prerna needs him in this house. Mohini finds him blind in love. She reminds him that Komolika is his wife, his responsibility. He doesn’t agree with her. Shivani doesn’t know what to tell Anurag, who left his reception party to take care of Prerna. Veena finds Prerna admitted in the hospital. Mohini blames Anurag for cheating them for the sake of Prerna. Anurag knows Prerna will never cheat him.

Mohini curses him that Prerna will snatch everything from him soon. Anurag reprimands Komolika for lecturing on relations, when she knows that their marriage is just a deal. Mohini gets dizzy when she gets emotionally hurt by Anurag’s behavior. Anurag rushes Mohini for aid.

Doctor tells Anurag that Prerna’s family is here to take care of her. Prerna meets her family and tells that she failed to stop Anurag’s marriage. She can’t help it, as she loves Anurag a lot. Veena feels bad seeing her helplessness. She doesn’t want her daughter to beg to Anurag by falling in everyone’s eyes. She asks Prerna to identify her inner strength and courage so that she can fight against the injustice. She wants Prerna to fight for her rights. Prerna decides to fight for the rights she deserve, by becoming a strong woman. Veena asks Prerna to move on in life.

Mohini takes Anurag and Komolika for the reception party. She is sure that Anurag will forget Prerna soon. Prerna decides to snatch her rights from Anurag to do justice with her coming child. She promises herself that she will never give up on her rights. She reaches Basu house to give a big shocker to Anurag and his family.


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