Silsila First kiss moment for Ruhaan and Mishti

Silsila First kiss moment for Ruhaan and Mishti

Silsila First kiss moment. Veer and Ruhaan hide from the girls’ sight. Sukamini suspects that someone was enjoying their party. Veer doesn’t want Sukamini to know bout him. Ruhaan gets hurt by Sukamini’s sandal. Mishti, Pari and Sukamini enjoy their time. Arnav takes care of Pari like always. Sukamini wants him to confess his love to Pari. Mishti also finds Pari and Arnav a good couple. She tells Sukamini that they make a lovely pair. Sukamini doesn’t know if Arnav has confessed his love. Mishti tells her that Pari has commitment phobia. She wonders to whom will Pari confess love. Sukamini pulls Mishti’s leg.

Mishti is sure that Veer is her first and last love. She finds Veer very much perfect for her. She is impressed by Veer’s love gestures and is happy that he understands her so much. Sukamini knows that Veer is really good, but asks Mishti to enjoy her life well before the marriage, to add some adventure in her life. She gives a naughty task to Mishti. She asks Mishti to dare and kiss the stranger. Mishti doesn’t see Ruhaan and kisses him.

Ruhaan gets amazed that his crush has kissed him. He can’t wish for any better welcome. He gets mesmerized with Mishti once again. Meanwhile, Radhika and Pari get emotional thinking of Mishti’s engagement. Pari is sure that Mishti will stay happy. She asks Radhika not to take tension about Mishti, who is marrying the one she loves. She doesn’t want Radhika to get tensed about Mishti’s future. Radhika feels Mishti has always compromised her happiness for other. She wishes that Veer’s family understands her well and gives her independence. Pari asks her to have faith in Mishti, she is strong and will live life well. She is glad that Veer and Mishti are made for each other. Pari comes across her blunder and apologizes to everyone.

Mishti feels guilty. She wants to know how would Veer feel if he knows this. Sukamini tells her that Veer would have done this as well, he isn’t boring like her. Ruhaan and Veer are at the same hotel. Veer goes to check arrangements.

Mishti stays worried over her kiss episode. Sukamini asks Mishti to be clear in her mind. Veer and Mishti share their party experiences and fun. Veer shows his faith in Mishti. He tells her that he loves her a lot and can tolerate anything that comes in his way for the sake of her happiness. Pari expresses Radhika’s wish to Mishti. She hands over Mauli’s bridal jewellery to Mishti. Mishti gets emotional reminiscing Mauli. Mishti asks Pari to keep the jewellery with her safely. Mishti stays upset and feels like hurting Veer’s heart. Ruhaan confronts Mishti for the kiss. She warns him to stay away. He doesn’t know about her dare and thinks she is interested in him. He has no idea that she is Veer’s fiancee. He gets feelings for Mishti. Veer plans to fix Ruhaan’s stay in Mishti’s house as a PG. Mishti stays confused about Ruhaan.

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