High Five Spoilers Yeh Un Dinon Roop Ek Thi Rani

Yeh Un Dinon Sufiyana Pyaar Ishq

Yeh Un Dinon Roop Ek Thi Rani Internet Wala Love: Everyone misunderstands Shubhankar thinking he had pushed Rupa off the stairs. Jai and Aadhya have a heated argument. Aadhya tells Jai that Rupa is doing all this to separate them and Vihaan himself told her. Jai refuses to believe Aadhya and tells her that he saw Shubhankar yesterday night and tells that he lied to you that he was not in Delhi, but he was in Delhi. Both of them call off their engagement refusing to believe each other. This is all their plan to break engagement in front of the person who doesn’t want them to unite. Later they secretly meet and exchange rings. Their relationship have become more strong and they decide to reach the person who is doing this. Jai says we will find out the truth. It is yet to been seen how they will unite amidst the conspiracies.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer comes to Naina. He tells her that he will show to everyone that he can handle his wife and her responsibilities. He lifts her and swirls. Naina’s ghunghat falls down and reveals her head. Sameer gets shocked. Everyone laughs at Naina. Sameer gets upset with her.

Shakti: Harak Singh refuses to let Soumya go out and bear the wrath of the village. Soumya pleads in front of him not to risk everyone’s life for her. Harak Singh is adamant on his decision and has accepted Soumya as his bahu. Sarpanch and the villagers ask Harak Singh to open the door. When Harak Singh’s family don’t open the door, the villagers release poisonous smoke to make them unconscious and hurt. Harak Singh, Harman, Soumya and others cough. Harman says from where this smoke is coming? The villagers hold the firewood and tell that they will burn the house. Nani comes there and asks them not to forget that Soumya’s Nani is alive. She says she won’t let them anything to do with Soumya.

Roop: Roop determines to save Bua and thinks of the clue which Samru gave him. Ishika tells that the clue, there is no need to make the ashes drown means Bua must be at some place where there is a lot of water. Roop says there is hardly any place where there is much water, there is neither a river nor a pond. Ishika says well. Bua is tied in the well and is hanging with a bomb around her waist. She cries and regrets her doings. Roop and Ishika come there. Roop saves her heroically.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Rivaaj takes Rukmani’s home with the intention to make her life hell. Rani thinks how to save her, and thinks Rivaaj will do something for sure. Tashi and Raghav do Rukmani’s aarti and welcome her. Rani tries to talk to Raghav and enquire about Rukmani, but Rivaaj takes the call and threatens Rani to harm Rukmani. Rani gets panicked and decides to go to Shivraj’s house to stay there until Rukmani realizes Rivaaj’s truth. She comes to Rivaaj’s house and tells Shivraj that she came to stay in his house as Rivaaj and Rukmani going through a troubled time, and she came to set everything fine and will not go until she makes sure that her sister is happy and fine.


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