TGI Friday’s Spoilers YRKKH Ishqbaaz Shakti YHM Raabta

TGI Friday’s Spoilers YRKKH Ishqbaaz Shakti YHM Raabta

YRKKH Ishqbaaz Shakti YHM: Shivaansh is lost in Mannat’s memories. He realizes his love for Mannat. The family knows it very well that he is in love with Mannat. He names Mannat for everything. Everyone pulls his leg. Nani tells him that its good that he trusts Mannat. Radhika compliments him for having a good marriage with Mannat. He tells them that they are just thinking all this, he doesn’t love Mannat. They want him to express his love to Mannat. Nani asks him to accept it, that he can stay without Mannat. Shivaansh finds Mannat in trouble. He saves her life and realizes that he can’t live without her. He was afraid to lose her. Mannat gets surprised seeing his love. She understands him. He scolds the servants for being careless and risking someone’s life. Shivaansh will soon confess his love to Mannat.

Rohan and Ishita try to find Raman. They find a kid with Raman’s bracelet. She asks the kid from where did he get the bracelet. Inspector and his team check the accident site to get some clues. Ishita scolds the kid. Ruhi asks Ishita to spare the kid and relax. She asks the kid where is her dad. The kid helps them and tells them about Raman. Ruhi asks him to take her to Raman. They find Raman injured. Ruhi thanks the lady for taking care of Raman. She calls an ambulance for him. Ruhi will learn that Karan has planned Raman’s accident.

Krishna Chali London:

Veer’s past returns after ten years. His ex-girlfriend Shivani wants to be back in his life. Veer is bitter because of Shivani’s cheat. He was obsessed with her. When she deceives him in love, he loses faith in love. He falls in love with Krishna now. He doesn’t want Shivani to bring any storm in his life. Veer is unhappy with Shivani’s coming. Sunaina planted Shivani so that she can separate Krishna and Veer. Sunaina doesn’t want Veer to make any relation with Krishna. Krishna and Veer get jealous seeing Shivani and Aayan with each other. Veer dances with Krishna when everyone sings and enjoys near the bonfire. Veer falls for Krishna.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira gets her memory for a while and takes away Krish from Kirti. She gets hyper about Krish. She refuses to give him to Kirti. Kirti worries and asks Naksh to get Krish from Naira. Naksh worries seeing Naira’s memory getting on and off. He tries to divert Naira’s mind and compliments her about her amazing performance with Rishabh. Naira tells them that she has danced with her dance partner Sid, not Rishabh. Naksh wants to know who is Sid. Rishabh knows Kartik is Sid, and hides the truth from Naksh.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Malhar and Kalyani have a plan to get Anupriya married. They both have a romantic moment. Malhar takes Kalyani to a chaat stall. She asks Malhar to click Anupriya’s pictures secretly. Malhar does as she tells him. She eats the spicy panipuri. He feeds her the chocolate and takes care of her. They have a sweet moment. Someone plots to take Kalyani’s life by planting an open wire. Malhar runs to save her life. He acts heroic like always. He wants to find the culprit.


Soumya gets humiliated by some women. She is tagged a kinner. The women writes, I m a kinner on her forehead. Harman rushes to save Soumya, and fails. Soumya experiences this traumatic moment. Harman goes to wipe the tag, but Soumya stops him. She gets support from Saaya, who understands her pain completely. Soumya hugs Saaya and cries, while sharing the pain. She wants her rights on her baby. She doesn’t want people to judge her by the truth that she is a kinner. Saaya encourages her.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and Aadhya get into an argument because of Ragini. Karan and Ragini make the families against Jai and Aadhya. Ragini brings Dada ji to Jai and Aadhya. She acts to help Jai. Jai is grateful to Ragini. Aadhya misunderstands Jai and Ragini’s friendship.


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