Yeh Rishta Shocking Enmity track against Kartik

Yeh Rishta Shocking Enmity track against Kartik

Yeh Rishta Shocking Enmity begins. Kartik sees Naksh coming and asks Naira to lie to everyone about him. He doesn’t want Naira to tell the family that she has danced with him. Rishabh knows that Naira is lying to Naksh. He doesn’t understand the reason. Kartik is happy that Naira is fine, her memory may come back soon. Rishabh goes to confront Siddharth, and realizes that he is none other than Naira’s husband Kartik. The mystery gets clear to him. He realizes that Kartik has hidden his identity from Naira and everyone. Naksh looks for Rishabh. Naksh wonders where did Rishabh go. Rishabh stays in dilemma about Kartik’s lie. Naksh reaches him and asks him why is he so lost. Rishabh wants to tell him about Kartik.

Naira wonders why did Sid stop her from telling the truth. Rishabh fails to tell the truth to Naksh. Naksh learns about Krish’s medical emergency. Krish falls sick. Kirti and Naksh worry for Krish. Naira connects with Krish. She gets her memories of Krish back for a moment and asks Krish not to trouble her. Naira doesn’t listen to Kirti. She doesn’t give Krish. Kirti gets worried. Krish responds to Naira and cries, getting normal.

Kirti realizes that Krish still senses Naira’s touch. Everyone gets relieved that Krish is fine. Kirti gets insecure with Naira. Rishabh faces hurdles in telling Naksh about Kartik. The family learns that Rajshri is coming home to meet Naira. They want to know the motive of Rajshri’s arrival. Naira wants to know if Sid is fine. She wants to thank him. The family is happy for Naira. Naira sees the sindoor in her hairline and gets glad that Sid has put it. She misses Sid. Naira feels just Sid can become her real life Shiv. She goes to make a prayer that Sid becomes her life partner. She feels her love story is beginning with Sid. She is ready to do anything for Sid’s love, unaware that she is already the queen of Kartik’s heart.

She wishes that Sid loves her too. Naksh misses Naksh’s complete performance. He compliments Naira and Rishabh for their amazing dance. Naira tells them that Rishabh didn’t dance with her, Sid has performed with her. Naksh enquires about Sid. Naira tells them about her academy friend Sid.

Everyone gets bothered and want to know who is Sid. Naira tells them that Sid isn’t a bad guy. Naksh loses his cool and scolds Rishabh and Naira. Naira sheds tears in tension seeing Naksh’s anger. Naksh feels he is failing to protect Naira. He feels bad that no one is understanding him. Rishabh completely understands his pain and offers his support. He wants to tell Kartik’s truth to Naira to protect her from falling in wrong influence. He doesn’t believe Kartik, after knowing his big lie. Rishabh suspects Kartik’s intentions and decides to help Naksh in keeping Kartik away. Naira reaches Goenka house to meet Sid once again. Naksh and Rishabh become the two enemies of Kartik and Naira’s love story.

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  1. I don’t like Naksh’s character anymore. He is a total villain, who has got a stupid reason, “protecting naira” to hurt karthik. He is just taking revenge. ?


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