Yeh Un Dinon Unthinkable Shockers for Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Unthinkable Shockers for Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Unthinkable Shockers. Sameer and Naina finally get to the phase of union, when their first night arrives. Sameer makes love vows to Naina. He tells her that finally he has got this moment to express his love for her. Naina also confesses her love for Sameer. Sameer and Naina share a moment of love after much longing. Naina surprises him with her bridal look again. Sameer tells Naina that he can’t ask for anything better than her companionship. Their romance breaks because of Vishaka and Bobby’s fight. Sameer rushes to stop Bobby. Bobby creates a big issue. He wants to leave from the house. He asks Vishaka to stay with her son and Bahu now. Sameer begs Bobby not to leave and punish him for his mistakes, rather than punishing his mum. Bobby vents out anger.

Vishaka and Bobby’s fight gets high. Bobby and Sameer never got on good terms ever. Bobby blasts his anger when he gets a chance to separate Vishaka and Sameer. Sameer and Naina try their best to stop Bobby.

When Bobby doesn’t listen, Vishaka agrees to go with him. She gets disheartened that she has to go away from her son. She sees maturity and selflessness in Sameer. She is sure that Naina will manage Sameer well. Sameer gets upset that Vishaka left him. He sheds tears. Naina tries to pacify Sameer’s sorrow. Naina finds some way to cheer up Sameer. She gives him some time to clear his mind from tensions. Sameer and Naina’s filmi romance will be seen. Naina will be seen charming Sameer as Madhuri again, pepping up on a romantic number. Sameer and Naina’s much awaited romance moments would be seen in the coming episodes. Keep reading.

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  1. showing too much spoilers in sameer and nainas love story. don’t turn such a sweet love into such hollow stress full moments.I to watch more of love and romance.


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