Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Dreadful punishment for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Dreadful punishment for Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Dreadful punishment. Lovely gets scared of Sikandar’s reaction. He accuses her for being a stain on the name of a mother. He calls her a curse on the family. He vents our anger on her for putting Amyra’s life in danger. He tells her that he can never forgive her huge mistake and will make her pay for it. He drives to the police station to put her behind the bars. Lovely begs him not to do this. Kulfi gets the clue and learns about the dog’s favorite song, recorded by his caretaker. Sikandar wants to know if Lovely has killed Kulfi too, as she has killed Nimrat.

Lovely tells him that she isn’t so insane. Amyra calls him and is stressed that both her parents are not at home. Sikandar asks Lovely to stop crying and talk to Amyra normally. They hide their sorrow while they talk to Amyra on video call. Amyra wants them at home soon. Sikandar tells her that they are on the way to home. Lovely tells Sikandar that Amyra wants both of them. She begs him to let her stay with Amyra. Sikandar agrees just for Amyra’s sake. Kulfi learns the song and sings for the dog to convince him for getting chained. The dog becomes Kulfi’s friend on hearing the song.

Amma gets puzzled and wants to know how Kulfi knows this very song. Lovely thanks Sikandar for getting her home. Kulfi and the dog become friends. She completes the toughest task with ease, surprising everyone. Kulfi isn’t scared of the dog any more. She puts the chain in the dog’s neck and wins the challenge given by Amma. She wants Amma to organize the Parents Day and let the kids meet their parents. Sikandar stops Lovely from meeting Amyra. Amma vents anger on Kulfi for casting a spell on the dog. She can’t accept Kulfi’s victory. She gives another task to Kulfi. Kulfi asks her why is she giving her another fresh task.

Amma gets violent. Sikandar tells Lovely that he doesn’t need her anymore and she doesn’t exist for him now. He tells her that he needs Amyra, while Kulfi is someone whom everyone needs. He wants to be with his daughters. He ends ties with Lovely and locks her up in a room. He tells her that he will heal Amyra by using her and also find Kulfi. Lovely tells him that he can’t talk to her this way. He decides to punish her. He tells her that now this room is her prison. He wants her to stay in his jail and realize her mistakes. Moreover, remand home’s Amma can’t believe that Kulfi has defeated her and made the dog against her.

Rajan is happy that Kulfi won the challenge. Amma doesn’t want the kids to unite and defy her powers. She decides to send Kulfi out of the remand home. She asks Kulfi to leave if she wants to go home. She frees Kulfi and surprises her. She keeps the surprising condition to maintain her dominance on all the kids. She asks Kulfi to stay away from the kids. Sikandar tells Lovely that she kept him away from his daughters and now he will keep her away from her daughter Amyra. The family reaches Sikandar to question him about his move. Lovely’s parents want to know what did Lovely do that he is punishing her. Lovely doesn’t want anyone to know her crime. She begs Lovely not to tell them anything.

Sikandar reveals her biggest crime of poisoning Amyra. The families get a big shock on learning Lovely’s truth. Amma instructs Kulfi to leave and go to her father. She doesn’t want the kids to rebel. She wants to run the remand home the same way as before. Sikandar reveals that Lovely has put Amyra’s life in danger. Her parents can’t believe this, knowing Lovely loves Amyra a lot. Sikandar is ready to give proof. Lovely admits her crime and begs for forgiveness. She gets scolded by her parents, who don’t want to forgive her.

Lovely gets penalized for her sins. Her parents apologize to Sikandar. Lovely gets cursed by everyone. Lovely loses all her relations at once. Her parents and in-laws end ties with her, knowing her biggest crime. Lovely begs them to give her another chance. Kulfi is asked to leave the same hour. She gets in a dilemma. She wants to stay with the kids and help them, rather than being selfish and acquiring her freedom. She doesn’t know what to do. She wants to go to Sikandar as soon as possible, but the new friendly ties stop her. Lovely wants to meet Amyra once.

Sikandar asks her to feel the separation pain she has put on his side by making his daughter Kulfi away. Sikandar tells Lovely that she can meet Amyra, only and only if she reveals about Kulfi’s location. He puts forth this big condition, hoping Lovely will reveal Kulfi’s location to him.


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