Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Upcoming Hits: Krishna Chali London: Shukla and Triloki reach the camp to check on Gajanan and Lali. Shukla heads to the tent area, unknown that everyone has moved to the safe house. Krishna and everyone learn that Shukla has arrived to help them and fell in the problem. Shukla gets trapped inside the fire and shouts to his sons for help. Gajanan and Triloki get caught up by the people who don’t let them enter the fire. Shivani stays unconcerned for the incident. She tells Veer that they should just leave soon. Veer hates Shukla a lot. He recalls how Shukla has left his dad to die. When no one comes ahead to help Shukla, Krishna takes the responsibility to save Shukla.

Veer stops her from the madness and tells her that she can’t risk her life. He decides to risk her life and save Shukla in order to stop Krishna. Veer bravely rescues Shukla and gets him out of the fire. Gajanan and Triloki thank Veer. Shivani worries for Veer’s burns. Shuklain gets informed about Shukla reaching the camp. Gajanan tells her that they are coming home in a while.

Shivani loses her cool seeing Veer’s wound and scolds Veer. Shukla asks Aayan and Shivani what are they saying. They tell Shukla how Veer saved his life. Shukla tells them that it was Veer’s duty to save him. He criticizes Veer in front of everyone. Krishna feels bad seeing Shukla’s hatred for Veer, when Veer has sided away his hatred. Veer keeps silence just for the sake of Krishna. She observes the change in Veer. Aayan asks Krishna to stay happy and keep up her good work. Gajanan tells Shukla that Veer has really helped Lali. Shukla doesn’t want to accept the truth that Veer saved his life. Veer and Krishna leave for their homes, and stay in their memories. Shivani finds Veer lost. Veer realizes his love for Krishna.

Ishqbaaz: Shivaansh expresses his true concern and feelings for Mannat. They enjoy their romantic date. He tells her that he cares for her a lot. She tells him that she respects him a lot. He asks her to address him by his name. He asks her to show respect by obeying him and asks her for a dance. He gets filmi and pulls her leg. He tells her that he doesn’t care for anything as long as she is with him. He indirectly tries to tell her that he loves her. She tells him that he is the best and she is lucky to meet him in her life. He also feels lucky that she has come in his life.

They share a beautiful moment. She doesn’t want any tensions in her life. She feels sorry that she is going to leave from his life. The series of notable good moments go on between them. Mannat gets stressed about Varun. She meets Varun and returns the divorce papers. She tells him that she didn’t take Shivaansh’s sign since she has decided not to divorce him. Varun scares her about her dad, who is proud of her decision. Varun tells her that now her dad will face the penalty. Mannat tells her dad that she will take Shivaansh to seek help. She attacks Varun and escapes. Varun informs Sahil about Mannat’s move. Sahil instigates Shivaansh against Mannat. Shivaansh tells him that he blindly believes Mannat. Sahil tells him about Mannat’s dad, Pramod/PK, who is Shivay’s murderer.

When Mannat comes home to take help from Shivaansh, he bursts his anger on her. He discovers Mannat’s shocking side and loses faith on her. He scolds her for playing with his family’s emotions. She tells him that Varun is compelling her to divorce him and inherit his property, by threatening to kill her dad. Shivaansh feels she is lying. He still decides to give her a chance. Varun asks Sahil to guide him. Sahil instructs him to get back to jail. Mannat fails to prove herself. Shivaansh learns that police has caught up Shivay’s murderer. Mannat tells Shivaansh that her dad can’t kill anyone. Shivaansh loses his cool when her dad accepts the blame. Shivaansh ends his ties with Mannat.


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