Kulfi Kumar Lovely Sikandar traumatized WHY

Kulfi Kumar Major Shock by helpless Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely Sikandar faces the big shocker. Sikandar wants some hope for Amyra and Kulfi. Amma wants to call off the Parents Day. The kids get excited to meet their families. They gather to hear the shocking announcement. Amma tells the kids that they should behave well and also maintain cleanliness. The kids get delighted to meet their parents. Kulfi’s friends don’t get to meet their families. Their long wait doesn’t end. Kulfi wants to know why Amma didn’t let her friends meet their families. Amma plays a game and hurts their emotions by not inviting their families. The kids rebel and want to know why their families didn’t come. Kulfi also wants an answer, since she has done everything for her friends. She asks Rajan about Amma’s decision.

Rajan tells them that Kulfi has completed the tasks, and this has infuriated Amma a lot. He tells them that Amma has misled their parents. The kids confront Amma for her big lie. Kulfi tells them that she has come back for the sake of her kids. Amma tells them that they don’t exist for her and they can’t be friends. She asks them not to have any hopes of freedom. Sikandar misses to see Kulfi’s photo printout. He doesn’t see the big clue when the doctor comes to meet him.

Doctor breaks the sad news that they got late in diagnosing Amyra’s illness. He tells about Amyra’s terminal illness, its not curable at this stage. Sikandar doesn’t want to hear the truth. Doctor doesn’t guarantee anything and wants to keep trying to save Amyra. He ends Sikandar’s hope by telling him that they can’t save Amyra’s life. Sikandar gets broken down. He feels shattered when he finds little Amyra hearing the truth herself. Amyra gets disheartened to know that she is going to die and get away from her family. Sikandar can’t balance his heart and mind, the moment she questions him about her death.

Sikandar consoles Amyra and hugs her. They get traumatized with this shocking truth. Kulfi gets upset on hearing the kids’ sorrowful tales about their families. The kids tell them how the circumstances have put them in such a place. Kulfi finds a way to sing and console them by her love. Kulfi too expresses her sorrow and misses Sikandar. Amma gets furious on seeing Kulfi and kids united again. Kulfi gives them hope that they will really escape from the remand home one day. The kids try to deceive Amma when she checks on them.

Kulfi doesn’t deter and inspires them to stay positive. She wants to encourage them for finding their freedom. Amyra tells Sikandar that she has heard the doctor giving the final word, that she won’t be able to make it. Doctor asks her to be brave. Amyra misses Lovely and tells Sikandar that she wants to be with her. Meanwhile, Kulfi feels that Amma can’t change and its the best if they run away by breaking the wrong rules. She tells them that this time they are united. The kids hatch a plan to run away. They succeed to trick Amma.

Sikandar gives the worst news to Lovely. He tells her that she has got her punishment, since Amyra can’t be saved now. He tells her about Amyra’s terminal state. Lovely slips in equal trauma and realizes her biggest mistake. Sikandar tells her that she has herself lost her daughter. Sikandar lets Lovely meet Amyra, so that Amyra stays happy. Will Sikandar be able to reach Kulfi? Keep reading.


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