Yeh Rishta Biggest revelation leaves Naira shell shocked

Yeh Rishta Biggest revelation leaves Naira shell shocked

Yeh Rishta Biggest revelation. Mishti and Kuhu add up in the Singhania house. They have much warmth for their family. Mishti gets pulled back by her dislike for Devyaani. She doesn’t like Devyaani, who has sent her away from the family. Mishti and Kuhu get into their cute fights like all the time. They get happy to meet Naira. They introduces themselves to Naira. Mishti tries to remind her about Kartik. Mishti finds Naira restless and wants to know the reason.

Naira gets late for the dance class. She wants to rush and meet Sid. Naksh wants Naira to stay back at home, since their cousins are important than the dance class. Naira gets upset and constantly tries to reach Sid. Mishti and Kuhu want to know who is Sid. Mishti knows Naira’s immense love for Kartik. She wonders who is Sid in their love story. Kuhu tells Mishti that she is also thinking about Naira and Kartik. Mishti thinks how can Naira fall for any other guy.

Naira wants to meet Sid. Mishti decides to spy on Naira to get her answers. She finds Naira upset. Mishti asks Kuhu to get Naira’s phone. Kuhu engages Naira in talk. Mishti steals Naira’s phone and gets Sid’s contact number.

Mishti finds Naira connected to Sid and wonders if Naira has forgotten Kartik completely. She realizes that Naksh has limited Naksh from meeting Kartik. She doesn’t want Sid to intervene in Naira’s life.

She calls up Sid and learns that Sid is none other than Kartik. Mishti gets her answers and is very happy knowing it. She decides to help Naira in meeting Kartik. Mishti tells Kuhu that Kartik is Sid. Mishti and Kuhu try to unite Kartik and Naira. They take Naira out with them. Rishabh follows them to stop Naira from meeting Kartik. Kartik waits for Naira at the dance class. Naira longs for Sid. Their wait finally ends, when Mishti gets Naira to the same place. Mishti is happy for Naira. She finds Rishabh following and stops him from ruining the KaiRa moment.

Naira senses Sid around and runs to meet him. Kartik wants to express his feelings to her. Rishabh faces trouble when Mishti blocks his way. Kartik and Naira finally make their way to reach each other. Rishabh finds them and stops Kartik.

He gets close to reveal Kartik’s truth to Naira. He tells her that Sid isn’t true. Mishti timely stops Rishabh from revealing Kartik’s truth. Kartik gets happy to meet Mishti. She plays cupid for him once again. Mishti tells Rishabh that Kartik has already told the truth to Naira. Naira learns her relation with Kartik. She gets shell shocked with the big revelation.

Kartik stops Rishabh from creating the mess. Naksh expresses his wrath on Kartik. He doesn’t want Naira to go with Kartik. Goenkas face Naksh’s bitterness once again. Naksh misbehaves with Manish, and hurts many hearts because of his blind rage. Kartik wants to explain Naksh that no matter what happens, Naira will always belong to him. Naira takes charge of the matter since she holds all rights to decide for her right. What will Naira decide? Will she forgive Kartik? Keep reading.


    • Very true he has to get into his life he has forgotten his wife and same son whom he is fighting with kartik what a mess is he creating it’s really becoming headache now do something and change the story and for how long is naira going to play memory loss isn’t it a bit tooooo much


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