Ishqbaaz marks closure on a high happy note

Ishqbaaz marks closure on a high happy note

Ishqbaaz marks closure. Shivaansh recalls how he had seen Sahil the day Shivay got murdered. He insisted PK to shoot down Shivay. PK doesn’t want to kill Shivay. When PK failed to kill Shivay, Sahil has shot Shivay to death. Shivay happens to see Sahil’s true face. Sahil doesn’t give him any time to react and kills him. Shivaansh becomes the witness of the murder. His memories get fresh when he gets the same vision clearly this time. Shivaansh gets aware that Sahil is the real murderer. Sahil plays a game with Shivaansh by risking Mannat’s life. He realizes that Shivaansh has known his truth and expresses his crimes freely. He wants Shivaansh to sign the property papers and transfer everything to him. Shivaansh yells at him for killing Shivay. Sahil tells him that he can easily kill Mannat.

Shivaansh refuses to give Shivay’s hard-earned money to Sahil. Sahil forces him to sign the papers. Shivaansh comes prepared and challenges Sahil to shoot him. Shivaansh seeks his answers. Sahil tells him how he started hating Shivay and Anika. He admits that Mannat’s dad was a coward and didn’t kill Shivay.

Shivaansh gets him at gun point and wants to get justice for Shivay. He frees Mannat from Sahil. Sahil fails to threaten Shivaansh. The family is ashamed of Sahil, who has back stabbed their trust. Mannat unites with her dad after many years. Shivaansh apologizes to them. Mannat doesn’t want to stay with Shivaansh, since he has no faith on her. She tells him that she can’t have any relation with him. He has hurt her self esteem. Shivaansh tells her that he will change himself.


Shivaansh reaches Mannat and stops her from leaving. He confesses love to her by arranging a special surprise for her. He gets filmi and tells her that its time for their union. He feels proud of Mannat. He gets clear of all his doubts on Mannat and her dad. He apologizes to Mannat. He expresses his feelings and asks her for lifetime companionship. Mannat gets overjoyed and agrees to accept his proposal. Shivaansh and Mannat unite with the family. Shivaansh gets Sahil arrested for Shivay’s murder. All gets well for the Oberoi family. Mannat forgives Shivaansh when he speaks his heart out in a cute way. Oberois get together and bind by love. Shivaansh proves out to be same Ishqbaaz like Shivay.



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