Kulfi Kumar Amyra confesses the shocking ugly truth

Kulfi Kumar Amyra confesses the ugly truth

Kulfi Kumar Amyra confesses to Sikandar. Kulfi hides her intentions from Amma. Amma gets suspicious about them. Kulfi and her friends steal a watch once again and try to escape from the remand home. Kulfi lies to Amma, knowing Amma isn’t a good hearted woman. Sikandar reaches Lovely to reveal to her how she has herself earned a big punishment for herself. He tells her that he is nobody to punish or forgive her. He tells her that person pays for his wrong deeds some day or the other. He gets depressed.

Sikandar asks her not to compel him more and tell him about his daughter Kulfi. He scolds her for separating Amyra from them. He tells her that she has got a big punishment and this time even Amyra will be punished for her sins. He reveals that Amyra can’t be saved at any cost now and she would be soon leaving them.

On hearing the doctor’s word, Lovely runs to meet her daughter. She finds Amyra and hugs her, breaking emotionally. Amyra tells her that she has learnt that she will be dying and is much scared. She asks Lovely to save her life. Lovely feels helpless and shattered, realizing her insane crime. On the other hand, Kulfi executes her plan of escaping. She gets the dog on her side. Kulfi gets scared and goes out of the remand home. The kids tell her that they are coming after her. Amma hears some sound and goes to check.

Sikandar asks Lovely to live her life happily now. He curses her to be alive and cry for Amyra. He feels Lovely is a bad omen in his family who ruined his family’s happiness. Lovely admits that she has done wrong for Amyra. She doesn’t want to lose Amyra. She understands her mistake. She tells Sikandar that she will tell him about Kulfi and unite him, so that this one good deed gives a new life to Amyra. She asks Sikandar to go and get Kulfi home. She feels this way she can win his forgiveness. The kids get aware that Amma is coming close to the point and think of cancelling their escape plan. They don’t want to get caught.

Kulfi feels sorry that her plan failed. She longs for Sikandar. She gets sorrowful, while the kids give her strength and hope. Lovely goes on to reveal Kulfi’s location to Sikandar. Amyra stops Lovely from revealing about Kulfi. Sikandar gets a huge shock knowing Amyra is aware of Lovely’s entire plan of isolating Kulfi. Amyra tells Sikandar that she can’t share him with Kulfi during her last days.

Amyra admits the truth that she doesn’t want Kulfi back. She tells him that she is losing his life just to get his love and she doesn’t want him to love Kulfi. She asks Lovely why is she telling him about Kulfi. She admits that she has undergone this pain just to get her dad’s love. She feels Sikandar still cares for Kulfi. She tells Sikandar that she knew about Lovely feeding her the poison and she has drank it just for his sake, since she wanted his love and attention.

She wishes Sikandar to distance himself from Kulfi. Amyra reveals that she knows the truth that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar can’t believe that even Amyra has hidden the truth from him for so long and followed Lovely’s wrong path. Sikandar regrets that he couldn’t change Amyra’s mindset and thus they are saying this terrible day in their lives. He wishes Amyra could learn good things from him, instead getting influenced by Lovely’s wrong upbringing.


  1. amyra is just like lovely. Tevar should be informed about his blood His daughter dying. He should at least come back now to meet his ailing daughter.

  2. Sikandar should call up tevar and handover amyra and focus on finding his daughter kulfi. Lovely should be sent to jail. Fathers should meet their own daughters for once.

  3. I also want amyra to know lovely’s total truth. lovely has hidden Tevar’s relation with amyra. amyra should know her father Tevar and end ties with selfish liar mother.

  4. Both mother n daughter are selfish kulfi have more rights then both of them.Amyra belong to Tevar.Cant wait to see lovely get her punishment not forgiveness.Loely is Devil does not event respect and love Shikander ji.

  5. Amrya should know that tevar is his real father. She should know the true face of her mother lovely. Sikandar should meet tevar and say him about amrya condition and should find kulfi so that end days she can meet her sister too.

  6. Beautiful plot of Kulfi K B. But kindly do something about saliva of the entire family. Want to watch the scene but can not bare the saliva.

    • That’s funny.. but true.. enough with the tears and saliva!
      We all know Amyra will not be written out. Tevar has to come back and save his daughter ! Then Amyra will know the web of lies her mother made . Maybe it will be a story of Amyra versus Kulfi? Hope Loveleen gets further punishment !!


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