Yeh Rishta High Voltage Drama Kasautii Muskaan

Yeh Rishta High Voltage Drama

Yeh Rishta High Voltage Drama. Kartik and Naira meet in the park, after the huge chaos in Singhania house. Kartik tells Naira that he wants to confess his love to her every moment with a promise that he will never change and will always keep her happy. He vows to protect her from all sorrows and also keep her faith. Kartik hugs Naira after making a love confession. Naira gets into a beautiful moment with Kartik. She also reciprocates his love. He wants to tell her about his big mistake of swapping Naira and Kirti’s babies.

He wants to tell her about Krish. On seeing her happy smile, he loses courage to tell her about Krish. He doesn’t want Naksh or Rishabh to tell Naira about Krish and their earlier issues, so that Naira doesn’t misunderstand him again. Mishti brings Kartik and Naira together. Mishti doesn’t want a beautiful love story to break. Kartik helps Naira in regaining her memories. He gradually reminds her about their past journey.

Ronak worriedly gets Muskaan home after her injury. Kajal’s plan flops big time. Ronak tells the family that he found Muskaan in trouble again. When Kajal plots her own kidnapping, Ronak gets blamed. Ronak and Muskaan try to find Muskaan and get accused by police. Muskaan wants to prove that Ronak is innocent and he can never harm Kajal.

She tells Mrs. Sinha that its true that Ronak wanted Kajal to leave, but he can never kidnap Kajal to send her away. She loves Ronak a lot and wants to clear his bad image in Mrs. Sinha’s eyes. She knows Sir ji is behind this. Muskaan gets shot while she attempts to save Ronak. Both of them get shot by the police due to the big misunderstanding. Muskaan wants to protect Ronak and prove his innocent. Ronak and Muskaan find Kajal back at home and learn that police has found her. Ronak also wants to protect Muskaan. They both can do anything for each other. They have to realize that they love each other. Hanumant and Jaya try to make them realize that they are made for each other, they are in love.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag and Komolika celebrate their Holi with the families. Prerna arrives there to apply colors to Anurag. She gets upset seeing Anurag with Komolika. Komolika romances Anurag and wishes him happy Holi. Prerna angrily applies colors to Anurag and gives him the shocking news of her pregnancy. Anurag can’t believe that Prerna has conceived his child. Prerna tells Anurag that this good news will shock his family as well.


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