Weekend Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Leap

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Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Leap: Abhi and Pragya get separated and the show takes a big leap of 20 years. They are living with one of their daughters. Abhi raises Rhea with much love and fulfills all her wishes. He loves Rhea a lot. He begins his day by seeing Rhea’s face. He wishes Rhea on her birthday and hugs her. He asks her to run and see the surprise waiting in her. Rhea is much pampered and spoilt by Abhi. Rhea gets all her dreams fulfilled. She loves the amazing car gifted by her dad. She tells him that she loves him a lot.

On the other hand, Pragya is living a simple life with her other daughter named Prachi. Rhea and Prachi are seen poles apart because of their different upbringing by Abhi and Pragya. Prachi will be heading to the city to complete her further studies, and come across Abhi and Rhea.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer is attacked by Khalid’s goons. Kabeer is determined and wants to win in getting justice. Qazi asks him to have patience and keep calm to solve this problem. Khalid gets unfair in making Kabeer out of Shariah board. He can’t see Kabeer doing up good work and winning the praise. He gets jealous of Kabeer’s succeed. Kabeer is sure to defeat Khalid’s evil intentions.

Kesari Nandan:
Kesari advises Jagat that they can still help their dad, nothing has finished forever for them. She gets a new ray of hope. She tells Jagat that he can fight in other wrestling competitions and make a name for himself and their dad Hanumant. She asks him to continue his wrestling training in any other Akhada. Jagat likes her idea but finds it hard to convince Hanumant. He also tells Kesari that Jawahar and Aatmaram can help them in the admission in other Akhada. He asks Kesari to apologize to Jawahar by keeping her esteem aside, so that her future gets build up. Kesari meets Jawahar and apologizes to him. She wants to continue her studies at the school.

Jawahar agrees to help her and forgive her only on one condition. He asks her to fight him in Dangal again and this time she has to lose to him intentionally. He wants to bash her up and take revenge. Kesari knows her talents, and still agrees to his condition. Kesari and Jagat fight the Dangal. Kesari purposely loses the Dangal to Jawahar to satisfy his ego. Jawahar keeps his word and convinces everyone for her school admission. Kesari walks towards her dreams by getting her education fulfilled. She loses the game to fulfill her dreams.

Udaan: Anjor insults Sameer and his family. She thinks Sameer is after her richness. Sameer’s family ends ties with him after facing much insult. Sameer tries to commit suicide because of Anjor. Chakor complains against Anjor, while she saves Sameer’s life. Sameer is heartbroken because of Anjor. His family worries for him. Chakor visits Sameer at the hospital. Chakor wants Anjor to realize her mistake. Chakor finds Jatun at the police station when he comes to rescue Anjor.

Jatin gets Anjor bailed out. Chakor learns the big truth that Anjor is his daughter. She vents anger on Chakor. Anjor and Chakor get into a heated argument. Anjor asks Chakor why is she cursing her mother, when she is herself responsible for her wrong upbringing. She scolds Chakor for abandoning Anjor and going away with Raghav. Chakor gets moved after hearing the truth from Anjor. She finds Anjor turning more bitter towards her. Chakor can’t accept that her daughter has been so spoilt, that she is ruining someone’s life. She leaves from the police station in a shocked state. Jatin and Poonam help out Anjor.



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