YRKKH Kirti and Kartik First major clash WHY

YRKKH Kirti and Kartik First major clash WHY

YRKKH Kirti and Kartik First Clash. Kartik and Naira are going to get remarried. Kartik faces Kirti’s anger and annoyance once again. Kirti tells him that her life always got affected by Naira and his relation. She tells him how could he give Krish to Naira without her consent, how could he decide for her life by cheating their relationship. She vents out her anger. She tells him that she will never let Naira take away Krish. She fears that Kartik and Naira will snatch her child. Kartik explains Kirti that he didn’t wish to hurt her, he wanted Krish to get mother’s love, since she was in coma. Naksh decides to let Naira take over Krish for the sake of her happiness. Kirti gets angered with Naksh’s decision.

Kirti opposes his decision. She tells Kartik that she is in pain just because of Naira and him. She asks Kartik to think of their relations with Singhanias. She asks him why should she suffer because of Naira and his misunderstandings and fights. She has been silent since a long time. She doesn’t want Naksh and her relation to get worse. She has made many sacrifices for everyone’s happiness. She reveals her sorrow. She asks Kartik why does she get badly affected because of Naira.

She tells Kartik how much Naksh suffered because of Naira, and this got suffering for her indirectly. She tells him that she will always support him, but not at the cost of her life and happiness. She doesn’t want to lose Krish. She tells Kartik that Naksh can do anything for Naira’s happiness, he can even sacrifice his child. She tells him that she can’t sacrifice her motherhood, she can’t give away Krish to Naira. She tells him that she has heard Naksh’s decision that he would give Krish to Naira if he can help Naira recover well. She tells Kartik that she can’t be so generous to stay away from her child.

Kirti has faith in Kartik and asks him not to push her for this big sacrifice. She hopes that Kartik will understand her. Kartik promises her that no one will snatch her child Krish. He tells her that he didn’t know about Naksh’s decision. He takes up the responsibility of securing Naksh and Kirti’s happiness. Kirti is happy that Naksh loves his family so much. She doesn’t come in between his priorities, but she doesn’t want Naksh to do injustice with her. Kartik promises her that Krish will always be her child.


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