Kulfi Sikandar Twisted fate Upcoming twists

Kulfi Sikandar Twisted fate Upcoming twists tonight

Kulfi Sikandar Twisted fate Sikandar misses to meet Kulfi once again by reaching very close to her. He returns to Amyra on her call. She wants him to be with her all the time. She doesn’t want him to get away for a moment. He goes back to Amyra in the party hall. Amma asks the kids to behave themselves and not have anything in the party. She doesn’t let them get happy even for a moment. The kids get tortured by Amma once again. Sikandar gets grateful to everyone for attending Amyra’s birthday. He expresses his love for his daughter. He doesn’t want to let Amyra go away. Lovely can’t stop her tears knowing how ill Amyra is, and how she would be leaving them in few days. She regrets for her mistakes.

She stays silent, while Sikandar goes blessing his daughter. Amyra gets happy and positive by getting the blessings from everyone. Sikandar wants to give all the happiness to her. He controls his sorrowful tears from him. Amyra wants to get love from everyone. The family loves them a lot. Amyra makes a wish and cuts the birthday cake. She feels unwell and weak. Sikandar stays by her side and gives strength to her. Amyra is happy with her parents and family. Sikandar stays in his sorrowful world.

Amma goes away for a while. Rajan and the kids enjoy the tasty snacks. Rajan is happy to see the kids happy. He is good-hearted and wants to make tasty food for the kids. He tells them that he is helpless to do his job and take care of his family. Sikandar insists the kids to come in the party for the performance. Sikandar introduces Lovely to remand home’s warden/Amma. She calls for the kids so that they perform in the party. She wants the donation from Sikandar. Kulfi and the kids proceed to the stage so that they can sing and finish the task. Everyone waits for the performance.

The kids have an escape plan on their mind. The stage light goes off. Kulfi sings with the kids and delivers a brilliant performance. Sikandar recalls Kulfi when he hears her singing. He doesn’t see Kulfi on the stage. Amyra gets breathing heavily. Sikandar and Lovely rush her to the doctor. Sikandar tells Amyra that doctor will make her fine. Sikandar senses Kulfi singing. He reminisces Kulfi and her singing talents. He thinks of meeting the kid singing on the stage once.

Before he could go to check on her, Amyra stops him, having the same fear. Amyra wants Sikandar to not go anywhere, leaving her alone. Doctor asks Amyra not to take any stress and enjoy the party. Sikandar fails to meet Kulfi, since the kids disappear after the performance. Rocket asks Kulfi to make her way towards the exit. Lovely and Amyra become a reason for Kulfi’s leaving once again, since he fails to meet the remand home kids because of Amyra’s insistence.

Kulfi hides behind the tables and curtains, to get away from the stage and hide. Rocket manages the lights and cuts the lights connection when he signals the kids to run away. Sikandar performs for Amyra in the party. Kulfi stops her escape plan on hearing Sikandar singing. She runs to shorten her way and meet Sikandar. Kulfi comes face to face with Sikandar. Will she make it to him this time or will destiny play unfair with them again? Keep reading.


  1. Why all time kulfi face the problem. As amyra is not sikander’s daughter, she should know that tevar is her real father not sikander. All time this make us very bad feeling for us. Since kulfi can’t enjoy with her real father

  2. Bring tevar back let amayra knows about her father. Kulfi shld reunite with sikander.
    Our kids are watching they have never of questions regarding kulfi an Baba. Even thy want them to reunite.


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