Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Simmi returns; New twists lined up

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Simmi returns; New twists lined up

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Simmi returns. Raman apologizes to Ishita. She stays miffed with him, since he has blamed her for killing Adi. Aaliya books a suite for them. Raman tells her that they can’t leave her alone and go. He asks her to get Adi with them, so that they can go together. Aaliya gets happy to spend time with Adi. Simmi returns home after a long time and unites with the family, by shedding her guilt over Rohan. The family gets happy seeing her back. Simmi gets a huge shock on seeing Adi. Ishita tells her that things aren’t the same since she left. Raman and Ishita want to explain Simmi that Yug isn’t Adi. Aaliya gets delighted to meet Simmi and shares her happiness about Adi’s return.

Ishita tells Simmi that she will tell her everything about the imposter. Simmi learns about Yug’s deceive and asks them to kick him out. Ishita tells her that they have been tolerating Yug just for Aaliya’s sake. Simmi supports Ishita and asks Raman not to get against Rohan. Simmi also wants Rohan and Aaliya to unite.

Simmi tells the family that she has missed them a lot. Aaliya stays happy with Adi/Yug. She tries to end Raman and Ishita’s fight. Trouble knocks their door when the don woman enters the house with the severe threatening message for Raman. She threatens to kill Raman and Ishita, and take revenge for the slap. She proposes the business deal to Raman. Raman doesn’t get scared of her and asks her to do whatever she can. He refuses to sell the property to her. He tells her that he has kept the property for his daughters, and he will never let anyone snatch it.

Rohan and Karan learn about Sudha’s illness. They want to get Sudha treated well. Karan decides to take Sudha to London, so that she gets away from the stress. Karan tells Rohan that he is the reason for everything. He wishes Rohan understands Sudha’s trouble and obeys her to give her some happiness. He asks Rohan to forget Aaliya and get married to someone else. Rohan disagrees to him, since he loves Aaliya truly. Ishita explains the woman that they were in much stress and reacted that way a day before.

The woman wants the property at any cost. Raman tells her that he won’t give his hard earned assets to anyone. The woman tells him that she can shoot him down and also make his family pay for her loss. She tells him that she will kill his entire family. Bala learns that Bhallas are in trouble. He wants to help them.

Raman and Ishita get compelled to sign the property papers when the woman threatens to kill their daughters. Raman gets helpless and signs the property papers. Ishita makes a plan and throws chilli powder in the woman’s eyes, so that she loses her focus. Ishita deals with the dangerous woman her way and makes her run away. She wants to reach the police station so that she can complain about the woman. Karan comes to meet Yug at the Bhalla house to convince him for marrying Aaliya, so that Rohan forgets her. He learns about Raman and Ishita’s new big trouble. He wants to know the entire matter so that he can reap benefits from their problems. Raman and Ishita want to find out who is behind the woman’s conspiracy.


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