Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Extortion for Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Extortion for Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Extortion. Raman and Ishita file a complaint against the don who threatened them. They have no idea about her identity. Police inspector tells them that if they can help in making a sketch of the don, then he may speed up the process of searching for her. Karan reaches the police station to know Raman’s matter. He fails to get more information about the don woman. Raman tells the family that police will surely help them. He wants to keep his duties towards the families. The family worries for his life. Raman and Ishita tell them that they won’t get scared and threatened by anyone. They want the family to stay strong and face the evil. They make some simple plans to tackle the attackers.

Ishita informs Rohan about the problems. Rohan gets worried knowing the threatening matter. Ishita asks him not to stress Raman by coming over. Rohan wants to help Bhallas and ensure their safety. Karan learns the don woman’s threatening for Bhallas. He sympathizes with Bhallas. He tricks Rohan to get more details about the don. He thinks to befriend the woman so that he can take revenge on Bhallas.

Bhallas get worried when the water, milk and grocery supply gets cut for them. Raman gets a threatening call and tells Ishita about the don’s evil ways to trouble them. Ishita tells him that they should not fall in this trap and teach a lesson to the goons. Ishita fails to get any help. The don threatens the building secretary so that no one helps Bhallas. Raman tells the inspector that the don is really troubling them by cutting down all the necessary sources of living. Inspector assures to protect them. Inspector also gets threatened by the don. He denies to help Raman. Rohan comes home to meet Ishita. He gets into an argument with Yug, but keeps cool on seeing Aaliya.

He doesn’t want Aaliya to get unwell. He tells Ishita that he has come to offer help. Ishita is much worried because of the mad woman. Rohan meets Simmi after a long time. He apologizes to her for whatever happened in the past. He asks her to forgive him once. He thanks Simmi for bringing a big change in him and making him realize his mistakes.

He feels Simmi has been responsible for his reformation. He is upset that he is getting punished for his evil deeds. He tells her that Aaliya is denying their relation and this is his punishment. He asks Simmi to forgive him once. Simmi sympathizes with him and forgives him. She wishes that they find some way to expose Yug’s truth to Aaliya. Karan rejoices seeing Bhallas in trouble. He fakes help and concern. He meets Bhallas to impress Rohan. He wants to find about their new enemy. He apologizes to Ishita. Rohan and Karan try to arrange few things for Bhallas. Inspector works for the don. He tells Bhallas that they have no problem as of now, as there is no evidence. Karan likes the don’s game and thinks of meeting her once.



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